Welcome from Alumni Association President
Welcome to the newest cohort of MSM Alumni, the Class of 2021. We encourage you to stay in touch with the College and would love to see you back here soon for either your own reunions or to help with tours for we old(er) girls. Please email us your news and achievements and stay connected in your dedicated Alumni Facebook group.
COVID restrictions limited our ability to host reunion tours at the College this year but we were able to welcome back the Class of 1980 for a fun afternoon. The Classes of 1991, 2001 and 2011 gathered off-site and had a great time catching up. We hope to still host reunions for those who missed out in 2020 and 2021, so stay tuned. 
In 2022 we look forward to working with the Classes of 2012, 2002, 1992, 1982, 1972, 1962 and beyond (scroll down to see your class photo). If you are already planning your reunion please let us know. And if you'd like to be involved in organising yours, get in touch.
Apart from reunions, your Alumni committee is keen to hear about ways you’d like to stay connected with fellow MSM graduates. Please contribute any ideas, or better still, attend a committee meeting. This year we moved a couple of meetings online and even had someone dial in from Berlin (see feature below).
If you're decluttering over the holidays, the MSM Archives will happily take any items you have from your school days. Please email archives@msm.qld.edu.au.
It’s an exciting time to stay involved in the MSM community as we march towards the College’s Centenary celebrations in 2025.
Wishing you and your family and happy and safe Yuletide.

Yours In Faith and Love

Anne O’Keeffe
2021 Alumni Executive
L to R: Kate Talyor (Class of 1990) Secretary. Anne O’Keeffe (Class of 1986) President. Alice Spies (Class of 2011) Treasurer
The Class of 2021 has graduated from MSM!  There are now 131 new members of the MSM Alumni!  I am very proud of this graduating cohort.  They have demonstrated flexibility and positivity during the two years of their senior students as they have been the first students to fully complete the requirements of the new QCE, whilst navigating the emerging issues that COVID-19 presented. 

Many of the events in recent weeks at MSM have focused on graduation activities. The Year 12 Mother-Daughter Garden Party was held on Friday 8 October re-imagined with moving the outdoors (our traditional venue being the convent lawn) to the indoors (of the Sophia Centre) as we modified the event to comply with the current COVID restrictions. Mothers and Daughters were able to have their photos taken in front of the flower wall and entertainment was provided by the Middle School Dance Ensembles and the String Ensemble. This event also introduced our Year 12 students to the Alumni Association, who hosted the event.   It was also wonderful to acknowledge so many of our mothers who are Alumni of MSM and now have a second generation in the family!  

On Wednesday 17 November Fr Gerry Kalinowski from Jubilee Parish celebrated our Graduation Eucharist with the Year 12 students and their families present in the Sophia Centre.  In my address I referenced the beautiful prayer card that was organised by Sr Anne Taylor on behalf of the Sisters of Charity designed especially for the Graduands of 2021.  There are two images on the prayer card; the first is of a surfer carrying a surfboard and the flip side has a strong, magnificent wave.  I used the waves as a metaphor for their journey at MSM.  The Graduands of 2021 were able to “ride the wave” in the watchful presence of our God. 

As the College year comes to a close, may you have the gift of FAITH, the blessing of HOPE and the peace of LOVE this Christmas. 

In Faith and Love

Sharon Volp
2021 Term 4 College Fees Raffle Winner
And the Winner of the 2021 Term 4 Raffle Prize is...

Incoming Year 7 2022 parent, Matt.

Thank you to everyone who supported the Scholarship fund by purchasing tickets.
MSM Alumni Spotlight - Where are they now?
Rachel Mawn - Class of 2011

After graduating MSM in 2011, I completed a Bachelor of Urban Development at QUT and began working in the Construction Industry as an Estimator. Having always seen males who were previously carpenters fill the role of Project Manager I never considered this as an option for me in this industry.  However, I always had a strong desire to see the world, travel and live overseas so when I was selected as the successful applicant for a construction management role in New York City I jumped at the opportunity. I have now lived in New York for four years and am a project manager running multi-million dollar apartment renovations, transforming some of the most prestigious residences in the world. MSM gave me the educational foundation to pursue a career that I love and the confidence to dream big. The piece of advice I would give my younger self would be to take on challenges, embrace change and never stop having fun. 

MSM Alumni Successes
Our Alumni are one of our greatest sources of pride. We enjoy hearing stories of our past students whose achievements bring inspiration and motivation to our College community. We welcome you to share your career highlights, personal successes, schoolyard memories and friendships formed.
We are pleased to share with you this exciting news:
Renee Mulder - Class of 2000

Congratulations to MSM Alumni, Renee Mulder (Class of 2000) on her career success. Renee’s incredible character designs feature in Queensland Theatre’s upcoming stage production of Trent Dalton's Boy Swallows Universe.  

To view Renee's amazing work check out her website - Click here

Sarah Doyle - Class of 2016

Congratulations to Sarah Doyle (Class of 2016) for her performance in the QLD Shakespeare's 2021 season's production of Romeo and Juliet.

Click here to read more about the production.

Elise Cannon - Class of 2007

We were fortunate enough to have Elise join us virtually at our October Alumni Association Meeting, dialling in from Berlin. After Mt St Michael’s, she studied Mathematics, Statistics & Commerce at the University of Queensland, which kick-started her career in the big data arena. Elise filled us in on all the amazing work she is doing in the tech and sustainability space (including an app).

Click here to visit the Sādu website to read more on Elise's work.

 Tabitha Jones - Class of 2018 and 
Sophie Milliken - Class of 2017

Congratulations to MSM Alumni and current MSM water polo coaches, Tabitha Jones (Class of 2018) and Sophie Milliken (Class of 2017) on being named in Water Polo Australia’s Paris Olympics and Beyond Squads. These squads recognise the best talent across Australia and our national programs as we move towards Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 Olympics. We are #MSMPROUD of these two tremendous athletes and humans as they continue to work towards their inspiring dreams. 

Keep the news coming! Whether it’s special news from an Alumni, reunion updates or something you would like to see featured in our Alumni newsletter – we’d love to hear from you! Email: alumni@msm.qld.edu.au
MSM Alumni Visit with Year 7 students

Thank you to MSM Alumni, Gabby Carbon (class of 2012) who visited 7F to share her understanding of Edgar Allan Poe’s poetry and her work in the current Brisbane run of the immersive theatre performance of 'A Midnight Visit'. The class had been studying The Raven as a journey into poetic techniques and it was fortuitous that MSM Writers Club and College Alumni, Gabby was able to talk to the girls about poetry and performance. She mesmerised them with her compelling delivery of the 'Conqueror Worm' and 'The Oval Portrait', and explained how they related to Poe’s life and Gothic writing. Gabby, a full-time performer and artist, helped the girls realise that poetry needs to be spoken, transferring from the page and finding life in dramatic interpretation. 'A Midnight Visit' has had its run extended to January making it the second longest production to hit Brisbane.

MSM Alumni Remembrance
It is with great sadness that we inform our Alumni of the recent passing of members of our Alumni community.
Annika Guest
Class of 2012

Annika's family and friends held a funeral for Annika in the Mary Aikenhead Chapel on Friday 19 November. 
Joy Cowley
Class of 1940
Joy passed away at the age of 96. She was one of our oldest past pupils and was also a Committee Member of the old Past Pupil's Association.
Min Whitehead (nee Sweeney)
Class of 1986
Min was farewelled by her family and friends on Thursday 9 December.

Alumni Inc. 2021 events 

MSM Graduates of 1961 - Reunion Lunch

60 years on from leaving Mt St Michael's College and these ladies still share an incredible friendship. 

Junior class 61, now called Year 10, and Senior 63, now Year 12. 
We are all very grateful to still have an enduring friendship over the past sixty one years. Some of the the class started school together at St Finbarr’s and Mater Dei in Grade 1 so it is even longer. 
All of us have had different life experiences in those years since we were at school. Our conversations at our gatherings cover many subjects from family to politics. Also reminiscing about our MSM days. 
I read recently that social engagement can enhance your wellbeing . To still be connected with school friends after all these years is indeed a blessing. 

Sharon Gallagher (Donohue)

MSM Class of 1980 Reunion

Celebrating strong connections 41 years on, the Class of 1980 joined together in the Ionian Centre for a lovely afternoon marking what would have been their milestone reunion year in 2020. It was a fabulous afternoon filled with laughter as many wonderful stories were reminisced upon as our Alumni reconnected again.  The group enjoyed a chat and afternoon tea followed by a tour of the College with celebrations continuing on afterwards for some. 

MSM Class of 1991 Reunion

For the seniors of 1991 the preparations for our 30 year school reunion for 2021 started way back in January 2020 with the date being set early so that a lot of the girls who were overseas could plan ahead to make the journey home for it.  This was all pre-COVID but we wouldn’t let that stop us catching up.  Lucky for technology no-one missed out and we were able to have a lot of the girls linked up via a zoom meeting.  
Needless to say it was a fabulous afternoon and evening catching up and reminiscing about school days.  The girls dug deep into their boxes of memorabilia and school magazines were found as well as musical programs and some even wore the school tie and badges to the event.
We are all looking forward to catching up again soon.

Mel Bosson

MSM Class of 2001 Reunion

The graduating class of 2001 met for a fun night of dinner, drinks and gas bagging. It was great to catch up with those that could make it, many having families, travelled and lived abroad and also having interesting professions. 
Although each have grown up to be mature women the souls of the happy, young and cheeky girls we went to school with were very much a strong presence on the night. Many, many laughs were had reminiscing and catching up.
It was sad that so many couldn’t make it due to COVID or other life commitments - they were missed. Looking forward to what the next ten years will bring for the class of 2001.

MSM Class of 2011 Reunion

The class of 2011 met on Saturday 27 November for their 10 year reunion. The laughter, reminiscing and catching up was in full swing, with what felt like yesterday since we jumped in the College pool on our last day. An absolute blast from the past as we chatted about lunch spots, favourite teachers and what we are up to now. It was such fun learning how everyone’s lives had meandered over the last 10 years.  
We were so pleased to be able to host the event amongst the ever changing restrictions, and looming Christmas festivities. We had a few ladies RSVP on the day of the event because they could make the trip which was truly special! 
A special thanks goes to the Lord Alfred Hotel for their understanding, flexibility and service on the night. 
Until 2031 (ahh!!) best wishes all!
Caitlin Dauth, Krisztina Mesch and Alice Spies

Seniors of 2021 Graduation

A joyous congregation of parents, caregivers, family members and MSM Staff came together for our 2021 Graduation Eucharist. We welcomed Fr Gerry Kalinowski who celebrated the Eucharist with us, as we prayed with, and for, our Year 12 graduands as they come to the end of their MSM journey.

The seniors of 2021, along with their parents, carergivers and MSM staff gathered together at City Hall for their Graduation Dinner. The dinner was a celebration of the journey and achievements of our Year 12 students. We honoured the young women they have become and celebrated the bright future ahead of them. Congratulations girls on getting IT done.

MSM Alumni Association Year 12 Mother-Daughter Garden Party

On Friday 8 October the MSM Alumni Association together with the College hosted our annual Year 12 Mother-Daughter Garden Party. Mothers and their daughters delighted in the opportunity to celebrate the coming to an end of a wonderful six year journey at MSM. Visit our Facebook page for more photos taken at the event.

Alumni Inc 2022 Meeting Dates 

Please keep an eye on the MSM Alumni Association page on the Mt St Michael's College website for any updates on 2022 Meeting dates.
Click here to view the dates

Milestone Reunions in 2022

If you graduated in a year ending in two (such as 1952, 1692, 1972, 1982, 1992, 2002, 2012, etc) you are celebrating a decade-milestone in 2022.   

Reunion Tours 

Reunions are a fantastic way to reconnect with your Mt St Michael’s College classmates. When was the last time you made your way back to Mt St Michael’s College? Last year? Last decade? Not since graduation? Although your school years may be far behind, the friendships that began at MSM still remain, or are waiting to be rediscovered. 

2022 Reunion Tours are scheduled for Saturday 19 March, Saturday 7 May, Saturday 23 July and Saturday 3 September. Contact alumni@msm.qld.edu.au to find out more. 

The College’s Communications and Marketing department in conjunction with the MSM Alumni Association is more than happy to assist your group in the organization of your event. 

Contact alumni@msm.qld.edu.au to find out more. 

Class of 1952
Class of 1972
Class of 1982
Class of 1992
Class of 2002
Class of 2012
Around the College
2022 College Captains
Introducing our 2022 College Student Leadership Team. 

College Captains: Eden Jones and Georgina O’Keeffe 
Mission Captains: Millie Trims and Imogen Buckley 
Academic Captains: Lucy Tighe and Cate Gaskell 
Cultural Captains: Eleanor Brown and Sarah Tanwan 
Sports Captains: Claudia Legge and Holly O’Flaherty 
House Captains: Aikenhead - Charlie Gibson, Grantuly - Amelia Lathwell, Rush - Lucy Ferris, and Stewart - Charlize Cooley 

We congratulate these students and wish them all the best in their leadership positions next year. 
Our Future Alumni Class of 2027
2022 Year 7 Orientation Day
We welcomed the newest members of the MSM community for the Year 7, 2022 Orientation Day. The Year 6 students enjoyed a day of enrichment and orientation, experiencing a taste of life at MSM. The girls enjoyed a variety of activities exposing them to our core values at MSM in the areas of Mission, Curriculum, Wellbeing and Co-curricular.   
Dignity Drive
This year, Sisters Empowering Sisters is proud to facilitate the first Mt St Michael’s Dignity Drive through the month of August. We kicked off this initiative by listening to Melanie and Margaret from Share the Dignity at lunch today. Students will be tasked with bringing in period products to help end period poverty! 
Soccer Success
Uhlsport Soccer Champions! Our soccer team defeated a team of champions, taking victory over IGGS 4-0 in a convincing win in the Uhlsport Competition. This amazing team will go down in MSM history for their incredible grit and determination to win over a talented opposition in front of a rowdy and proud MSM support crew.  Parents, students, staff and alumni went out to Annerley in full force and together the girls got IT done…..again! 
Pieces of MSM History Coming Home
Recently Judith Stewart visited Mt St Michael’s College to make a significant contribution to the College’s archival collection. Judith’s grandparents, Jean and John Stewart, were the original owners of Grantuly, the historic house within the College campus.  In 1928 the Sisters of Charity purchased the house from the Stewarts to commence what is now Mt St Michael ‘s College. Stewart House at the College is named after Judith’s family. Judith generously donated her grandmother’s daily prayer book and the Bible her grandmother had as a child. The College is grateful to Judith for her highly valued donation and invites others to similarly enrich the College’s growing archival collection.
MSM Celebrates
We gathered as a community for MSM Celebrates - an evening that recognises the outstanding achievements and excellence of students from Years 7 - 12 in all facets of our College life including, academic, sporting, cultural and community action. The evening was a wonderful celebration with our students taking centre stage, leading the ceremony, receiving awards and demonstrating their talents with performances across the arts.
Year 12 Farewell Assembly
The College came together in joyous celebration of our 2021 graduating students in a “This is Your MSM Life” tribute. Congratulations to our 2021 Year 12 students who leave us with a rich legacy of your commitment to our community. 
Merry Christmas and happy holidays
from the Mt St Michael's College Community

The College administration closes on Friday10 December and reopens on Monday 17 January 2022.
Making Memories - The MSM Archives
The Mt St Michael’s College Archive preserves records that are of enduring value to the College community. Contributions of photos, uniforms and memorabilia are gratefully accepted. The College is particularly interested in uniforms from 1970 – 1990 or earlier and filling gaps in class photos and yearbooks. Contact archives@msm.qld.edu.au.
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