Welcome to the second newsletter of 2023 and of course, to our newest Alumni members – the graduating Class of 2023. It’s been a busy year for me, with my youngest daughter in this cohort. Attending the Year 12 Mother-Daughter Garden Party (see photos below) was bittersweet, as it closed a 10-year chapter as a parent at the College. My girls are third generation Mt St Michael’s students, and it’s been wonderful to meet so many others who’ve also chosen to keep their family connection to the College going. 

It was also a busy year for the Alumni!   

As well as hosting onsite College reunions earlier in the year, the Classes of 2003 and 2013 held very successful offsite events in recent months, (see below for photos).  

The Class of 1973 (along with 1970, 1971 and 1972 to make up for COVID years) celebrated 50 years since their graduation with a tour of the College and light lunch. I learned so much about College life in the 70s. Much needed photos and memorabilia were also added to our archives. Thanks for being so generous ladies. 

Speaking of archives, if you’re moving, downsizing or estate planning, and you have anything to donate from your time at MSM, please contact archives@msm.qld.edu.au.  

We’re looking forward to working with the Classes who have significant reunions in 2024.  

2014 MSM Alumni - Class of 2014 - Mt St Michael's College 

2004 MSM Class of 2004 | Facebook 

1994 MSM Alumni - Class of 1994 - Mt St Michael's College

1984 Mt St Michaels Class of '84 reunion  

1974 MSM Alumni - Class of 1974 - Mt St Michael's College (including Junior Class of 1972) 

It takes a lot of effort to track people down, especially women, for reunions… so I ask you to contact at least one person you know or still keep in touch with – this could be a fellow classmate or relative – and send them this link.

I also want to acknowledge the passing of two past MSM staff members – Shirley Larsen who was a much-loved Counsellor who died on Friday 2 June at the age of 89 and Pat Dawson whose funeral was held on 24 November. Pat was remembered by past Principal, Narelle Mullins saying “Mrs Dawson was a quiet, gentle curriculum innovator and worked with Mrs Mary Hill to accomplish some groundbreaking achievements”. We keep the families of both Shirley and Pat in our thoughts.

Enjoy reading the stories of Alumni successes in various aspects of life in this edition and please keep them coming in. 

Yours In faith and love

Anne O’Keeffe (Class of 1986)
Congratulations to the Class of 2023 who officially graduated on Wednesday 15 November! I am incredibly proud of their accomplishments, but more importantly impressed by the way that they encapsulate our Vision of the MSM Graduate – they are truly incredible young people and we wish them every success in their future endeavours.

The Class of 2023 was officially welcomed to the Mt St Michael’s Alumni Inc at the Year 12 Mother-Daughter Garden Party on Friday 6 October. I was delighted to be presented with a purple heart, gifted from the MSM Alumni and named in honour of the Class of 2023 which is proudly displayed on our “Light the Way” Legacy Wall. 

Sadly, during October, two Sisters of Charity who are strongly connected to our MSM community passed away. Sr Anne Crowley rsc and Sr Patricia Heenan rsc were both proud Alumni of MSM. Both were remarkable women who led lives of dedicated service as Sisters of Charity and exhibited a deep trust in divine providence. Kate Simpson (Dean of Faith and Mission) and I were humbled to represent MSM at St Patricia’s funeral. We hold the families of Sr Anne and Sr Patricia in our prayers, and we especially pray for the communities of Sisters of Charity who are deeply feeling this loss.

It was a privilege to share lunch recently with some of the MSM Alumni who attended the College during the 70s. These women fondly shared memories of their time at MSM and noted the many changes that have happened in the College since they graduated.

As the College year comes to a close, I would like to recognise the members of the Alumni Executive, Anne O’Keeffe (President), Kate Taylor (Secretary) and Alice Spies (Treasurer).  Thank you for your commitment to the Association and being so generous with your time and talents. To all Alumni and your families, may the blessings of peace, the beauty of hope, the spirit of love and the comfort of faith be your gifts this Christmas.

Fide et Amore
Sharon Volp
Happy Retirement Janet Thompson (nee Cronin)

At the final College Assembly on Friday 24 November, we farewelled Business Teacher Janet Thompson and wished her a very happy retirement. Janet has had a long association with Mt St Michael’s, graduating from the College in 1978.  As a teacher, she has touched the lives of many students, and we are grateful for her efforts in coordinating Year 11 students participating in Rosie’s Outreach. During her time at the College, Janet has also been a strong supporter of the MSM Alumni, including serving as the Treasurer for many years.

We offer this blessing for Janet Thompson: 

We give thanks for Mrs Thompson, who retires from MSM, after an impressive and enriching career. We acknowledge the wisdom and many gifts she has brought to our community.  May our God of Charity bless her as she moves into this new chapter of her life. 
Together we pray:
Go forward, sealed with our love
God bless the steps you take and the paths you tread.
May they bring you safely to where God needs you to be.
May the peace of God calm your fears.
May the love of God warm your heart.
May the grace of God flow from you to the world you meet.
Go now, in faith and love.
The Manolatos Sisters

Katerini Manolatos - Class of 1996
Areti Ingram (nee Manolatos)- Class of 1998
Anna Manolatos - Class of 2000

The Manolatos sisters (Katerini, Areti and Anna) all attended MSM from 1992 through until 2000. In 1996 all three girls were at the school together, Katerini in her final year, Areti in 10 and youngest Anna in her first year. They all pursued creative avenues at school, all being members of the concert band and choirs, Anna in art club and Areti in home economics/tafe extension while at MSM. They have all gone on to continue in the creative arts in food, art and music and we a proud to share their stories below.
Katerini Manolatos (Class of 1996)
I’m the eldest of the Manolatos girls and I’m a Registered Music Therapist, Neurologic Music Therapist, Vocalist, Vocal coach, wife, mother as well as volunteer and am on a few committees in my spare time.  I went to university at the QLD Conservatorium of Music where I studied Classical Voice and Opera.  I then did a Masters degree in Music Therapy at the University of QLD.  I lived in  Cairns for over 15 years and worked as a vocal coach for most of my time as well as performing, working as a music therapist and enjoying the outdoors.  I have worked as a music therapist in so many different settings from Aged care, hospital settings, juvenile justice, child safety, neurologic rehabilitation, to name a few.  I’m active in the Brisbane music scene as a vocalist and as a founding member of the production company Girl from Greece and founding member of the Brisbane Greek choir Ellinikes Fones. 

The music and performing arts program was just developing when I was at school but I took every opportunity I could being a part of the show choir, rock Eisteddfod, concert band and taking piano and euphonium lessons at school.  In my senior years I attended the young Conservatorium program studying voice, theory and being a part of the Conservatorium Youth choir. 
Just want to mention Ms Porter for all her support during my school years and Ms Mole my Senior Ancient History teacher who taught me how to write a solid paper.  Honestly every report and thesis I've ever written can be traced back to her. 
In my spare time I love traveling, spending time with family and friends and eating and cooking.
Areti Ingram (née Manolatos) (Class of 1998)
After high school I started an apprenticeship in hospitality in commercial cookery. In my second year I took 6 months off and backpacked around Europe. On my return I completed my apprenticeship at Daniel's Steak and Seafood, Il Centro and the Brisbane Polo Club. After meeting my husband in 2007 we then spent the next 4 years travelling the world living and working in New Zealand, Greece and Scotland. In 2008 I won the award of best Breakfast Chef whilst working at the Scotsman Hotel in Edinburgh as their Head Chef. In 2009 I became the Head Chef of the Wellington Victoria University catering for 400 live in international students. Moving back to Australia in 2012 I moved up to Far North Queensland becoming the Head Chef of The King Reef Resort. I am now living locally in Brisbane with my husband and two sons continuing to work in the hospitality industry.

Anna Manolatos (Class of 2000)

During my time at MSM from 1996-2000, you could probably have found me in the Sophia Center art, design, and creative classes. I loved every bit of it; MSM truly encouraged my creativity, and I looked forward to coming to school every day. However, deciding on a career path after school felt challenging. Back then, my dream was all about being this famous artist living a lavish life in the south of Spain. Reality check: gotta study first, nuts!

Fortunately, my insightful mother steered me towards Graphic Design, and I was accepted into QCA's Bachelor of Visual Arts program. I really found my people there, and this turned out to be a pivotal moment as the course opened my eyes to a plethora of creative possibilities that I had never considered before.

I've always had this penchant for travel, thanks to my Greek upbringing. Our parents had us exploring different places, embracing cultures, and sparking our creativity. In my last uni year, I jumped on a plane and went on an exchange at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Canada. Turns out, I hit the sweet spot where illustration meets design. My grand plan of a lavish art life in Spain took a detour to Barcelona for an art residency. Here is where I really started to feel like I could balance this life of design and art, finding my space in Mural work and falling in love with the practice.

Even as my career in design was going well, I kept the side of me that I really enjoyed, which was the arts. I guess I couldn’t let it go; once it's in you, it stays.

Since graduating from university in 2005, I have been lucky enough to exhibit my work nationally and internationally and contribute to street art festivals across Queensland. At the end of 2019, I held my seventh solo show ‘The Space Between’ at M2 Gallery in Sydney. These days, I'm currently living in Abu Dhabi, working as a Creative Director at Slash Design studio, while my other side is represented by "the illustration room" in Australia.

What I didn't realize then, but MSM was the perfect foundation for me to continue and pursue a career in the arts; it was the creative kickstarter that has been fueling me all along.

The three Manolatos sisters wearing their senior jerseys
L-R: Katerini, Areti and Anna.
Anna's art was recently featured on the front cover of the Q Magazine (Qantas Magazine)! Check out more of Anna's artwork on her Instagram page @sirmano
Class of 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973 - Combined 50 Year Reunion 

The Classes of 1970, 1971, 1972 and 1973 gathered at the College on Friday 17 November for a tour of the College and lunch. Due to the disruptions of Covid the Classes of 1970, 1971 and 1972 were unable to celebrate their 50 year milestone in their year. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with the Class of 1973.

Class of 2003 - 20 Year Reunion

The Class of 2003 gathered at Darling & Co in Paddington on Saturday 7 October to celebrate their 20 year milestone. 

Class of 2013 - 10 Year Reunion
 The class of 2013 celebrated their 10 year reunion with a gathering at Covent Garden on Saturday 2 September. 

Milestone Reunions in 2024

If you graduated in 1964, 1974, 1984, 1994, 2004 or 2014 you are celebrating a decade-milestone next year! Find out what is happening for your year level, or organise something today!

Reunions are a fantastic way to reconnect with your Mt St Michael’s College classmates. When was the last time you made your way back to Mt St Michael’s College? Last year? Last decade? Not since graduation? Although your school years may be far behind, the friendships that began at MSM still remain, or are waiting to be rediscovered. Consider visiting the College as a part of your reunion celebrations. Reunion Tours are scheduled for March and September in 2024. Contact alumni@msm.edu.au to find out more or to secure a date.

The College’s Communications and Marketing department in conjunction with the MSM Alumni is more than happy to assist your group in the organisation of your event.   

Contact alumni@msm.edu.au to find out more.   

 MSM Alumni Community: https://www.facebook.com/MtStMichaelsCollegeAlumni    

Career Conversations

MSM Foundation presents the Inaugural Career Conversations with MSM Alumni - Friday 11 August.  

The College welcomed MSM Alumni from various career fields including engineering, finance, communications, media, IT, teaching and medical to present to current Years 8 –11 students and their parents and caregivers. Attendees enjoyed gaining valuable insight from MSM Alumni to assist them in their subject selection process and future pathway considerations. Thank you to our amazing Alumni for sharing their valuable time with our community.

If you are interested in participating in our next event, please reach out to Paula Ovenden, Community Engagement Officer - povenden@msm.qld.edu.au 
Are you interested in being a guest speaker at our IWD High Tea on Friday 8 March? We'd love to hear from you. Contact Paula Ovenden, Community Engagement Officer - povenden@msm.qld.edu.au.
Year 12 Mother-Daughter Garden Party
Spring was in the air as our Year 12 students and their mothers/caregivers celebrated at our annual Year 12 Mother-Daughter Garden Party, hosted in partnership with the MSM Alumni. Thank you to MSM Alumni Mary Schneider and Judy Laing who kindly volunteered to assist the Alumni Executive throughout the afternoon and to our Senior Strings who played beautifully, adding to the ambience on the Convent Lawn. A lovely afternoon was had by all.
MSM Alumni Mothers 
It was wonderful to capture a photo of the current MSM mothers who are Alumni of the College who attended our P&F Mothers' Lunch held in the Rose Room at Cloudland on Friday 25 August.
Sr Clare Nolan rsc

The College welcomed Sr Clare Nolan (Class of 1961) and six other Sisters of Charity to our Mary Aikenhead Day Mass and celebrations on Friday 21 July. Sr Clare was greeted with a warm hug by her Great Nieces and current MSM students, Takara, Abby and Eve.

MSM Alumni Successes
Young Writers Award

Congratulations to MSM Alumni Grace Hammond (Class of 2016) on winning the 2023 State Library of Queensland’s “Young Writers’ Award”. Grace’s love of writing was embraced in Writers’ Club during her time at the College. Well done on this achievement, Grace. 

MSM Alumni Inc. Meeting Dates

We warmly invite you to join us at our Alumni meetings held at 6pm in the Chapel, Mary Aikenhead Building, MSM.
Please find a list of our 2024 meeting dates below: 

Monday 19 February
Monday 18 March
Monday 20 May
Monday 17 June
Monday 19 August
Monday 30 September

MSM Alumni Inc. Volunteer Fund
MSM Alumni Inc. provides donations to those Alumni who wish to continue the work of Mary Aikenhead by volunteering at home, or abroad, to assist those in need. To find out more about the Alumni Volunteers Fund, please contact alumni@msm.qld.edu.au.
Around the College

Mary Aikenhead Day

Our College community joined with the Sisters of Charity to commemorate the 165th anniversary of Mary Aikenhead's death. A courageous woman of vision and deep faith, may we all be inspired to follow in her footsteps. 

Our MSM Family marked Mary Aikenhead day with a beautiful College Mass.Faithful to the Sister's vow of service to the poor, our students spent time engaging in service activities that will benefit St Vincent's Hospitals and Aged Care, the Romero Centre, Birthing Kits International and Mater Little Miracles. And we finished the day with a tremendous display of house pride with our first ever Sustainable Fashion Parade and House Lip Sync Competition!

CaSSSA Athletics 

Our 87 strong team of athletes alongside our inspiring coaching team competed in the CaSSSA Cup Athletics Carnival at QSAC. Some brilliant individual results, coupled with #MSMPride and a team of students trying their hearts out for each other resulted in adding another year to the Percentage Cup trophy.  We also took home the Field Champions, were runners up in the Track Trophy and 2nd in the All-Age Relay. We came 2nd in the Aggregate Cup - a wonderful outcome after a hard fought and committed season from every MSM team member. Well done to all athletes, we batted above our average again to take the clean sweep of percentage cup trophies in all Big 3 CaSSSA events in 2023!

Spirit of the Arts Festival: Vitality

Spirit of the Arts Festival: Vitality was a huge success! This major cultural event, vibrantly supported by the wider MSM community, celebrated the varied talents of MSM Arts students. The College campus positively overflowing with joy as visitors embraced the uniquity of our Arts Community rejoicing in the diverse displays of Art, Dance, Drama and Music, including a spectacular closing ceremony encapsulating the College theme “Love without Limits”. 

2024 Student Leadership Team

The College community warmly welcomed the 2024 Student Leadership Team in our Commissioning Assembly. These exceptional students accepted the honour and challenge to serve MSM and share wisely and generously of their time, talents and energy.

MSM Sports Celebration Breakfast

The MSM sports community came together in the Sophia Centre to celebrate a history making year in sport. Students were awarded for their successes across all sports, including individual and team successes in front of their parents and peers, while sharing breakfast and stories of a great year of sport at MSM. We were joined by keynote speaker, QLD Firebirds Vice-Captain, Lara Dunkley who shared valuable words of advice for our students, including, the importance of rest and recovery and the value of family support in your sports endeavours. 
MSM Celebrates

Recently we held our annual MSM Celebrates – a special occasion that recognises the outstanding achievements of students from Years 7 – 12 in all facets of our College life including, academic, sporting, cultural and community action. The evening was a wonderful celebration recognising our student and staff commitment to excellence throughout the year. We congratulate all our 2023 award recipients.

MSM Alumni Present to Year 11 Students

On Friday 9 June MSM Year 11 students enjoyed hearing from accomplished MSM Alumni, Rebecca Treston, KC (Class of 1983) and Madeline Eaves (Class of 2008) during our Career Information Session. Rebecca, a leading Queensland Barrister provided students with valuable advice on choosing a post-schooling pathway and career opportunities in the legal sector. Rebecca shared how she worked as a solicitor for 5 years before being called to the Bar in 1996. She was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2013 and in November 2018 became the first female President of the Bar Association of Queensland. 

Madeline, a current Clinical Nurse delighted students with her journey following graduating at MSM. Whilst studying her nursing degree, she spent time travelling the world both volunteering and working. Today Madeline balances full time work whilst studying her post graduate law degree.  

We thank Rebecca and Madeline for their insightful presentations. 

Our MSM Alumni are our greatest pride! On Friday 20 October, MSM Year 11 students enjoyed hearing from esteemed MSM Alumni, Aleisha Mackenzie (Class of 1995) and Katerini Manolatos (Class of 1996) during their Career Information Session. Aleisha is the Director and Founder of Construct Law Group. She has been recognised by her peers and industry bodies for her contribution to the legal and construction industry through several awards. Aliesha is passionate about diversity and inclusion and mentoring young women and provided Year 11 students with great advice for achieving your career goals.

Katerini, is a Registered Music Therapist, Neurologic Music Therapist, Vocalist and Vocal Coach. She has tertiary qualifications in Classical Voice and Opera and Music Therapy. Her focus has been intertwining her skills and passion for the voice in vocal and speech skills acquisition and rehabilitation. Katerini even took our Year 11 students through a vocal exercise as an icebreaker.

We thank Aleisha and Katerini for generously giving up their time to share their career pathways following graduating from the College.
Making Memories - The MSM Archives
The Mt St Michael’s College Archives preserves records that are of enduring value to the College community. Contributions of photos, uniforms and memorabilia are gratefully accepted. The College is particularly interested in uniforms from 1970 – 1990 or earlier and filling gaps in class photos and yearbooks. Contact archives@msm.qld.edu.au.
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