Edition 8 - 21 May 2020 - Term 2

Year 10 Visual Art

Year 10 Visual Art students have designed and rendered an acrylic figurative painting throughout Term 1 and 2, informed by the artist Anne Wallace. These complex compositions communicated a context or narrative, imbued with ambiguity and concern. The novel circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic necessitated the completion of these paintings in the home environment, highlighting our students’ resilience.

Year 7 Students Rise Up to the Challenge

Year 7 homerooms were set a challenge to like the morning prayer posts for a week. The winning homerooms with 100% success rate were 7B and 7E, they both won a socially distant homeroom party with Ms Correia, Ms Palmer and Mr Koning. Keeping the newest members of our community connected in times of distance with party food and Just Dance, all before 9am! 
Celebrating Languages Day at Mt St Michael's College

Social Distancing Connections

In this time of social distancing creating connections is vital to wellbeing; despite the physical distance Years 7 and 11 buddies are finding a way to connect, with each year level writing a personal message of support to their buddy.  
Aikenhead House - We are strong (Year 11)
Year 7 probably isn't going the way you've been envisioning it thus far -- I know this certainly isn't how I thought my second last year of school would be going. Regardless, we are super lucky to have such hardworking teachers and excellent support systems that allow to us to keep working somewhat normally and keep in contact with all our friends. I really hope you take time to yourself every once in a while and don't burn yourself out! Eventually, this will pass, so try your best to be positive about the future. Stay safe, wash your hands and remember that everyone is in this together so you never have to feel alone.
Grantuly House - We are honourable (Year 7)
I hope you are doing ok and staying safe in this, shall I say interesting, time. I can imagine that you are keeping up with all your online work being the star student that you are, and hopefully aren't to stressed and/or bored right now. Remember to take some for yourself every now and again! Some of my favourite activities as of now are playing board games, trying to juggle socks, arguing with my brother and obviously taking time to do some drawing. 

Remember to wash your hands!
Stewart House - We are determined (Year 11)
Congrats on completing your first term of year 7! I hope you had a refreshing 'break' and are enjoying your time in quarantine. Hopefully you are staying in contact with your friends and keeping on top of school work ;)). I know online school can be stressful and  I encourage you to take breaks, perhaps do a bit of creative writing. But most importantly enjoy the sleep-ins and not having to lug a massive bag to and from school :)

You have got this! I have faith in you! Remember that challenges are an opportunity to grow.

If you need anything feel free to send me a chat!
Rush House - We are Courageous (Year 7)
We hope you are enjoying the new experiences of learning from home. We can't wait to see you back at school and hope your family and friends are happy and healthy.  

Term 2 House Spirit Competition

  • To enter simply take a fun photo of yourself dressed in the colours of your house.  More is definitely best in this competition.
  • Email the photo to Mrs Roy kroy@msm.qld.edu.au
  • All entries will receive 1 house point
  • Students are only permitted to send through one photo each
  • Entries are only open from Tuesday 19/5 through until 3pm on Friday 22/5.
  • Winning house (most photo entries) will receive a prize for every student in their house!

MSM Reads

Tuesday 26 May

Borrow a book or download an e-book for MSM Reads

Library & Information Week

We warmly welcome back all our MSM Junior and YA readers. The books have been lonely without you! Week 6 is Library and Information Week and the theme is LIBRARIES CREATE…. As part of the celebrations we are holding MSM READS during extended Homeroom time on Tuesday, May 26, so make sure you borrow a book or download an e-book or audio book from Wheelers. There will also be a Bookface Homeroom competition during the week where students find a book cover that aligns with either their face or body and then take a photo of their efforts. The finished product should look seamless, so the cover of the book blends in perfectly with its surroundings. The library is also hoping to create a record of “Life in Lockdown” with contributions from students and staff in the form of stories, poems or artwork. Further details of this project will be publicised in the following week.

College Events and Activities

2020 Term Dates

Term 2
Tuesday 21 April 2020 – Friday 19 June 2020
Term 3
Tuesday 14 July 2020 – Friday 18 September 2020
Term 4
Tuesday 6 October 2020 – Friday 20 November 2020 (Year 12 students)
Tuesday 6 October 2020 – Friday 27 November 2020 (Years 7 - 11)


Supporting our Community -
Ministry Care Programme

Our College is aware that there are students and families within our community who, from time to time, are in need of support due to a variety of factors. As a community we respond through preparing meals for families experiencing difficult circumstances. If you would like to contribute to the Ministry Care Programme and support those who are going through difficult times, please contact Stephen Campion: scampion@msm.qld.edu.au

P & F MSM Mothers' Lunch Update

Due to the likelihood that event restrictions on large gatherings will remain in place past July, the P&F Committee has made the difficult decision to cancel August’s P&F MSM Mothers’ Lunch. 

Although saddened to cancel such a heavily supported event, the safety of attendees and the wider-community must come first. This decision will also ensure that event supporters have the necessary time to make adjustments. 

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and look forward to celebrating with you again next year.
Best wishes,
P&F Association Mothers’ Lunch team

Uniform Shop: Updated Opening Hours

The Uniform Shop will open on the following days.

Friday 22 May from 8:00am – 11:00am 

Normal opening hours will return from Monday 25 May.
Monday 12:30pm – 3:30pm
Wednesday 8:00am – 11:00am
Friday 8:00am – 11:00am

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