Last Friday we celebrated Mary Aikenhead Day, one of the most important dates in our school year. Our day commenced with Fr Dang Nguyen celebrating Eucharist with us. It was wonderful to see so many students actively participating in our celebration through activities such as the processions and readings. Our Eucharists are always enriched by the sharing of the talents of our music, dance and drama students. Thank you for your amazing contributions! I would also like to thank the staff who support behind the scenes in so many ways to ensure that our Eucharist is a special community event. Thank you to Ms Simpson for her overall organisation of the day.

At the conclusion of the Eucharist, we acknowledged staff who had reached the significant milestone of 10 and 20 years of committed service to the community of MSM. 

Congratulations to the following staff who were presented with their 10 years of service award:

  • Paula Brydon 
  • Sarina Catalano
  • Mark Donaldson

We also acknowledged Lorrae Broadley for 20 years of service award. Thank you, Mrs Broadley, for this amazing contribution to MSM.

Thank you to these staff and all our staff members for the care and dedication to our students every day.

L to R: Mark Donaldson, Paula Brydon and Sharon Volp
L to R: Sharon Volp and Sarina Catalano

Earlier in the year Sr Cate O’Brien celebrated her golden jubilee – 50 years as a Sister of Charity. We are honoured to have Sr Cate volunteering her time at the College to share her rich experiences and pastoral gifts with our staff and students. During her 50 years as a Sister of Charity, Sr Cate has served as a teacher, a principal, and a pastoral worker both here in Australia, and as a missionary in Nigeria and Papua New Guinea. Her motto, chosen at her profession, is My God is Faithful, and she continues to live her vocation with great joy and faithfulness.

On Mary Aikenhead Day it was fitting to acknowledge and thank Sr Cate, for her service. Our community bestowed this special blessing upon her. 

Faithful God,
We thank you for the gift of Sr Cate’s ministry,
And for the 50 years of loving service she has provided.
Strengthen her in her vocation and help her to live her vows of poverty, chastity, obedience and service to the poor.
We pray for the many Sisters who have walked this journey with Cate, those who have inspired and challenged her, taught her, celebrated with her and helped her to grow in loving service. Bless Cate with good health, courage and renewed strength as she continues her work. In faith and love we pray, 



I would like to wish our various choirs, bands and ensembles all the best in the Queensland Colleges’ Music Festival which will be held at Villanova College towards the end of next week. The students have been rehearsing for many months and are looking forward to performing. Thank you to Ms Townsley and the music staff for all the effort that they have been putting in to prepare our students for this special event. 

Year 7 2023 Orientation Morning

We look forward to welcoming the Year 7 2023 students to MSM on Thursday. Thank you to Ms Correia (Year 7 Pastoral Leader) for her overall organisation of the day.

I am sure that everyone is looking forward to a break for the EKKA Public Holiday next Wednesday. Enjoy!

In faith and love

Sharon Volp

Dr Justin Coulson - Parenting Session 'Miss-connection'
Tuesday 23 August 2022
Mt St Michael's College

This event is free for all MSM parents and caregivers and bookings are essential.
Click here to reserve your seats.
Spirit Of The Arts Festival - Elpis
Join us on Wednesday 31 August from 5 - 8pm for our 2022 Spirit of the Arts Festival. The 2022 Spirit of the Arts Festival has been aptly named Elpis, after the Greek Goddess of Hope, coinciding with the closing ceremony of the celebratory event. Students from all four Arts disciplines will present a performance of Pandora’s Box, in which HOPE is the final extraction: “Hope crawls out of the jar, feeble and frail, but her presence calmed and healed”. Covid has challenged humanity as never before, and globally, we have turned to the arts as a source of comfort and strength, generating positivity, appreciation, and hope. Hope resides now, inside our hearts. We look forward to welcoming our MSM community to this free celebratory event of the Arts.

Click here for more information
2022 College Leadership Team

Apparently, the peak of the current wave of COVID infections is expected to occur sometime in August. Those who have fallen sick have had a difficult start to the third term, on top of the virulent flu pandemic. 

Staff absenteeism has been a little greater than usual, and so has our relief staff, making for some challenging management of classes. I would like to thank all our teachers who are at school and who have continued to ensure the learning for all students by taking on extra classes and combining class groups. 

I encourage everyone in our community to watch out for one another and themselves. Good sleep, nutritious food, fresh air, exercise, and employing common sense in congested interior surroundings go a long way towards taking care of oneself and one's family.

Considering this, we remain busy with so many events happening over the following week. 
Future Problem Solving
Our two Middle School Problem Solving Teams will compete in the two-hour Qualifying Lock up on Monday. They will be challenged to use a 6 Step Problem Solving procedure to react to an unanticipated future scene scenario centred on the global problem of insects. This requires identifying and explaining 16 problems the scene poses, one significant underlying problem that must be addressed, 16 futuristic solutions to address this problem (ideas must be linked to research they have studied), five criteria to evaluate the success of these solutions, and an action plan outlining the implementation of the most effective solution. Results of the final booklet will determine if our teams are offered a place to compete in the National Competition later this year. Best wishes to Aisling, Rosie, Mia, Summer, Ava, Evie, Lani, and Sarah. 
Student Free Days Next Week
Following the EKKA public holiday, our students will move into two student free days. What an excellent opportunity for a focus on revising and reviewing subject curriculum and assessment. 

Although, on Thursday, a very keen group of students from our MSM Writers’ club will be participating at school from 8am – 8pm, in a charity competition called, Write a Book in a Day as part of the Kids’ Cancer Project. It is a fun, creative and collaborative competition for students. Teams of up to ten have 12 hours to write and illustrate a book from start to finish. Digital editions of the completed stories are made available on the online library and shared with hospitals across Australia. Funds raised through sponsorship go to ‘The Kids Cancer Project. The last time MSM students entered the competition in 2020, they won the Senior Division! Best wishes to our writer’s next week. 

Over the student free days, Our Director of Professional Learning, Ms Janelle O'Neill, will lead a Day of Innovation and Collaboration concluding in professional development for teachers at school. The conference honours the dedication of our teachers to continual growth and gives chances to enhance our practise for Mt St Michael's College students. This year, we are focusing on critical and creative thinking in both collaborative and autonomous settings. Dr Peter Ellerton, our guest Keynote Speaker, will address "Engineering critical and creative thinking" in light of our setting. He is the Curriculum Director of the Critical Thinking Project at the University of Queensland, a Senior Lecturer at the department of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry, and an affiliate at the School of Education. Dr Ellerton was part of a small team of academics tasked with revising and rewriting the ACARA general competencies for critical and creative thinking in 2021. After the keynote address, we will divide into sessions provided by our peers. This period affords our teachers the chance to collaborate and improve classroom practice. 

CASE Ocean School
We have a number of MSM students beginning their preparation for attendance in the CASE Ocean School International Study Program conducted during the next school holidays. This program provides students with an all-encompassing STEAM experience including marine biology, ocean ecology, cutting-edge research, and technologies. As the ocean sustains all life on Earth, the air, climate, water, and food and with a population to grow in the billions over the 30 years, we need to explore and understand the Earth’s most valuable asset. Our students will be inspired as the next generation of STEAM-skilled leaders particularly for those interested in pursing this as a career pathway. 

Finally, let us also pray for those in our community who continue to face serious illness and personal challenge. May our love and compassion continue to be visible to them. 

In Mary’s footsteps – Celebrating Mary Aikenhead Day 

On 29 July, our MSM family came together for a day of prayer, song, learning fun to celebrate our College Feast Day, Mary Aikenhead Day. 

Mary Aikenhead died on 22 July 1858, having accomplished more in her 71 years than many could ever have imagined. A woman of true courage and vision, despite battling significant health issues that continued until her death in 1858, Mary was a woman of tremendous positivity and joy. She had a faithful belief in God’s providence, and placed her life, and the future of her convent in God’s loving hands. She personally cared for the sick and destitute, and when her health prevented her from continuing this work personally, she took care to train other young women to continue in her place. 

Mary’s vision was that “the poor [could] have for free what the rich can afford to pay for”. An astute businesswoman, she established healthcare and education services for people who were destitute and paid for their care using profits from nursing the wealthy. And she did all of this as a woman, in a time before women were accepted as leaders in business. 

Our College celebrations commenced with a beautiful Mass, celebrated by Fr Dang Nguyen from Jubilee Parish. In true MSM style, it was a celebration of joy, featuring the creative talents of many student lectors, singers, dancers and performers. 

The middle part of the day was spent in year level groups, completing mission activities designed to educate our students about the history, works and ministries of the Sisters of Charity and Mary Aikenhead Ministries. Our Year 7 students completed a spirited scavenger hunt, designed to teach them about Mary A’s life and story of the pioneer Sisters who first came to Australia. Our Year 8 students created beautiful Christmas gifts for the residents of St Vincent’s Aged Care. Year 9 and 10 students learned about the challenges that face Asylum Seekers and Refugees who come to Australia, and made preparations for a special fundraising walk to be held later in the term. Year 11 students reflected on the values and leadership lessons of Mary Aikenhead as they begin their preparations to become College Leaders. And our Year 12 students learned about ways they can continue to live Charity when they finish their time at MSM, and prepared beautiful gifts for healthcare workers and neonatal parents. 

I would like to thank every member of our community for their beautiful support of our special College Feast day.

Semester 2 Assessment Calendars
Semester 2 Assessment Calendars have been finalised and distributed to all students in Years 7 – 10. Given that Semester 2 is shorter than Semester 1, it is vital that your daughter start planning her study commitments once she has received her calendar to give her the greatest opportunity to submit her best work. Year 11 and 12 students have their Unit 2 and Unit 4 Assessment Calendars and need to be revising these regularly as there are only 4 weeks until mock examinations and Unit 2 exam block!
Mathematics Tutoring
This is a reminder that all students are welcome to book in to receive tutoring via the MSM Maths Tutorial booking system. Students in Years 7 – 12 are welcome to book a 10-minute session to focus on a particular topic or question that they may need additional support with. These sessions can come in handy when working on either a PSMT or revision for an upcoming exam!

Bookings are available between 7:30am – 5:00pm and are to be made at least 12 hours in advance. Students need to ensure that they are in their MSM uniform when chatting to a Mathematics teacher on Teams. The link to the booking system can be accessed here. The link is also on the Daily Notices. 

Attendance at School
Regular attendance at school is critical for your daughter’s learning and development. If your daughter is going to be absent during the term, parents need to request approval for this absence in writing from Ms Volp. While the value of a family vacation is accepted, as is the occasional need for attendance at events in term time, priority must be given to regular school attendance. This is particularly the case if your daughter’s absence will involve missing end-of-term assessment.

Extension Requests
There are circumstances that arise where your daughter can apply for an extension to an assessment deadline. Please note that, as per QCAA guidelines, family holidays during term time are not valid reasons for an extension. If your daughter falls behind in her studies, generally through illness or misadventure, then she is entitled to apply to modify her assessment deadlines. If your daughter feels that she may need to negotiate her deadlines, then I strongly encourage her to have a conversation with either Ms Larkings, Acting Program Leader Middle School, for students in Years 7 – 9 or Ms Howe, Program Leader Senior School, for students in Years 10 - 12. Ms Larkings and Ms Howe are in the best position to ascertain whether your daughter will meet the requirements for adjustments to be made. Please note that any request must be made at least 48 hours before the due date.

Please note that if your daughter is unwell during the term, her focus needs to be on improving her health so that she is well enough to return to the classroom. She can access the content missed through the class OneNote upon her return and ask a classroom buddy to share any other relevant information with her. If she needs to modify her deadlines, she can approach the relevant program leader.

Year 11 2023 Subject Selection Processes
The week has marked a milestone for our Year 10 students as they have commenced with their SET planning interviews. These meetings allow students and families to gain valuable insights into the different pathways that are available in Years 11 and 12. At present, all interviews are scheduled to conclude by August 19. Year 10 students then have until Monday August 22 to submit their finalised Year 11 subject preferences form to Student Reception. 

Year 9 & 10 2023 Subject Selection Processes
I would like to thank the students in Years 8 and 9 for their participation in the Year 9 and 10 2023 Subject Selection Evening on Monday 25 July. Parents and caregivers have been sent a link to access the Powerpoint presentations from the event as well as the relevant subject guide. Year 8 and 9 students also have access to this information through their year level team. Students in Year 8 and 9 have until August 22 to finalise their subject choices for 2023. Completed subject preferences are to be handed in to Student Reception.
Year 8 2023 Subject Information Session
The Year 8 Subject Information session was held on Tuesday 2 August in Period 4. Year 7 students were debriefed by the Curriculum Leaders about the various elective choices that they can choose to study next year. Year 8 students’ study two elective subjects across the year – one in each semester. For 2023, the Year 8 elective choices are:
  • Art
  • Dance
  • Drama
  • Design Technology
  • Digital Technology
  • Languages* – French / Japanese
  • Learning Essentials (by invitation only)
  • Music* 
* This subject is a prerequisite for the study of comparable subjects in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12.

If your daughter is thinking of studying either language/s or music in Year 9 and above, it is recommended that she continue with these subjects in Year 8. Year 7 students also have until August 22 to finalise their subject choices for 2023. Completed subject preferences are to be handed in to Homeroom teachers.
College Life
QUT Science & Engineering Challenge

MSM Year 9 and 10 students put their STEM skills to the test at the Science & Engineering Challenge at QUT. The students worked in small groups and competed against groups from other schools to build bridges, mars rovers, bionic hands, water turbines and more. At the end of the day, the students were thrilled to place second overall in the competition.
Sports Aerobics

Recently our MSM aerobics teams competed in the Junior Challenge competition at Moreton Bay. Congratulations to all MSM competitors on their efforts leading into this event and their performances and overall high standards representing MSM at this event. These aerobics students will continue to train hard leading into States. #MSMProud of this group of hard working MSM aerobics competitors. 

Level 3 Intermediate Pair: 
2nd – Stella & Rose
3rd – Alessandra & Lucy

Level 3 Intermediate Trio: 
1st – Kate, Jasmine & Gabriella
2nd – Hannah, Aoife & Georgia 

Level 3 Intermediate Group: 
1st – Imogen, Lucy, Aoife & Georgia
3rd – Kate, Stella, Rose & Gabriella

Level 4 Intermediate Pair
2nd – Hannah & Ruby 
Level 4 Intermediate Trio: 
1st – Lillian, Ingrid & Louise
2nd – Aroha, Summer & Tara

Level 4 Intermediate Group: 
1st – Hannah, Lillian, Ingrid & Louise
2nd – Aroha, Ruby, Summer & Tara

Level 5 Intermediate Group: 
1st – Caylia, Annelise, Amelia & Sophie 

Level 5 Senior Pair: 
1st – Charlotte & Emily

Level 5 Senior Trio: 
1st – Brigitte, Chloe & Emma
Visual Arts In Practice

Our Year 12 Visual Arts in Practice students attended a photographic excursion and captured various Brisbane architectural icons. The excursion contrasted historical and modern architectural sites within our local community from Ashgrove, Paddington, Red Hill, and Milton. This experience will enrich the current Project's inquiry further as the students critically analyse what they have recorded. The collections will be enhanced with Photoshop in the post-production phase.

Visual Arts Expertise

Our arts department are blessed to have Cara Coombe as our Visual Art Aide at our school. Her photographic expertise and experience were shared with our Year 12 Visual Arts in Practice class this week. Ms Coombe’s artist talk provided insight into the opportunities of working and teaching photography. She shared her practice with the students and experience in displaying large scaled photographic artwork in contemporary art galleries. Ms Coombe also shared postproduction techniques with the students and explained what tools can improve the communication of the meaning within a photographic image. 

Missions Of St Vincent
The Missions of St Vincent group have continued the tradition of making dragonfly keyrings that are given to the women who attend the ‘Dragonfly Retreats’, as part of the ministry run by Sister of Charity, Sr Christine Henry. These retreats provide an opportunity for women from rural and remote areas to gather together, share stories and experiences, provide support and a listening ear and most importantly have some fun.  

With the keyrings is a bookmark with the following message:

“We trust that as you leave this ‘Dragonfly Health and Wellness Retreat’ that you will feel refreshed, revived and rejuvenated ready to tackle the challenges of life knowing that there are people around who will love, support, nurture and care for you. Just as each of you are unique so too are these dragonflies. They are all beautiful in their own way, despite their flaws. They have been made with love by the Mt St Michael’s College community and we hope they serve to remind you of this weekend and the potential you have within you. In Faith and Love” 
What a time for debating at MSM! Our 11.1 and 12.2 teams debated in the 1st Finals Round. While 11.1 eloquently laid out their argument, they were beaten by one point. The 12.2 team won their debate and headed into the 2nd Finals Round where they were beaten by a slight margin of one point. The girls went down gracefully, but our Year 12 students debating journey is far from over. Stephanie (Debating Captain) and Sophie (12.1 First Speaker) have made the Grand Finals for the Brisbane Girls Debating Association Case Competition. The duo worked on their case, "that we should allow young people to access their superannuation to help them purchase their first home", over their holidays and we wish them the best of luck going forward. More updates to come!

Unfortunately, our 9.1 team were pipped at the post in their 2nd Finals Round debate but were proudly supported by their parents and coaches, MSM Alumni – Maisha and Elizabeth.
Sisters Empowering Sisters
This August, Sisters Empowering Sisters and Interact are collaborating to bring the Think Pink drive to MSM. This drive will focus on the collection of period products, underwear and washers to help alleviate the burdens of period poverty for many disadvantaged people in Australia. We challenge students over the Ekka break to THINK PINK and buy a product they could donate to the drive. To inform our understanding of period poverty, SES watched the short film 'Period. End of Sentence.' in their meeting recently. Help support us this August and THINK PINK!
Japan Club
Japan Club students celebrated Tanabata, the Star Festival. After learning about this summer festival, we followed the tradition of making decorations for our bamboo tree.
MSM Library - Harry Potter Week

This year is the 25th anniversary of Harry Potter so we celebrated with Harry Potter Week in the MSM Library to coincide with what would have been his 42nd birthday on July 31!  

There were lots of competitions to participate in and prizes to be won, including…..
Harry Potter Quiz
On Monday and Tuesday the Library held separate Junior and Senior Harry Potter quizzes. The Junior Quiz came down to a tie break and while the teachers’ team was not victorious in the Senior competition, it was a closely fought battle. MSM students certainly have an incredible knowledge of all things related to the world of Harry Potter.
Wand Making Wednesday
On Wednesday at second break students made their own Harry Potter wands after signing up at the front counter.
Library Instagram Competition
Students had to correctly guess who the 36 Harry Potter characters were in the MSM Library Insta post, and the first three correct replies won either Kaf vouchers or some Harry Potter merchandise.
In Library Activities
All week students visited the MSM Library to help complete the Harry Potter
  • Puzzle
  • Colouring
  • Lego
Finally, anyone who participated in an activity or who borrowed a book during the week placed their name on one of the Harry Potter house tickets at the MSM Library front counter. This entered them in the draw for the opportunity to win a prize from our great selection of Harry Potter merchandise.
Homeroom Competition
Each Homeroom was challenged to write either a Harry Potter or a Shakespearean spell. The two winning entries will see their Homerooms invited to the Library during Book Week for MSM READS where they will be spoiled with treats from the Library team.
It was a magical week and we look forward to creating new experiences for this annual event next year.
MSM's Got Talent
Recently MSM’s Got Talent helped raise funds for Weemala while showcasing the talents of students from across the school. Congratulations to our Senior School winner Emily (Year 11) and our Middle School and overall winner Sophia (Year 9). A huge thanks to all of the performers, the judges and the staff who made this possible.
Sophia (Year 9) - Middle School and Overall Winner
Emily (Year 11) - Senior School Winner
History Club
The seventy-year-old mystery relating to the unknown identity of the Somerton Man was miraculously solved last week, thanks to DNA evidence. But, one mystery remains… how did he die? History Club members recently attempted to answer this question and proposed some very interesting theories based on the (quite bizarre) evidence.
MSM College Community Groups
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Parents and Friends Association

Next Meeting: 15 August - 6pm

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MSM Alumni Inc.

Next Meeting: 22 August - 6pm

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Parents and Friends Association
A Message from your 2022 Mothers' Lunch Committee

Calling on the generous spirit of the MSM Community to assist with prize donations and sponsorship of the upcoming MSM P&F Mothers' Lunch on Friday 19 August, 2022. This wonderful event is open to mothers of current MSM students and is a major fundraiser for the College.

If you are a business owner or family that can support this event by donating valuable products and services, we would love to hear from you. The funds raised at the Mothers' Lunch contribute to the Mt St Michael's Sisters of Charity Scholarships, improving the education of young women.

We hope that you are able to contribute to this year's event and appreciate your ongoing involvement in our school community. Please email
2022 Term Dates

Term 1
Monday 31 January – Friday 1 April

Term 2
Wednesday 20 April – Friday 17 June

Term 3
Tuesday 12 July – Friday 16 September

Term 4
Tuesday 4 October – Friday 18 November (Year 12)
Tuesday 4 October – Friday 25 November (Years 7-11)

Help Support the MSM Environment Group

Support the MSM Environment Group by donating your eligible containers! Bring your containers to school or use our scheme ID when returning to your local depot. Your donations will go towards funding our current and future environmental initiatives.

Mt St Michael's College scheme ID: C10333591
Now available on the College APP!
Mt St Michael’s College is pleased to bring to you the MSM Business Directory. Accessed through our website and APP, this online portal, profiles businesses and provides opportunities to connect with the wider MSM community to promote your services, sales and special offers. 

Many business owners profiled in the MSM Business Directory are long-term friends of the College. They include current and past parents, local businesses and alumni who, together show a commitment to Mt St Michael’s College and support for MSM events, fundraisers and initiatives. 

If you would like to be included in the online MSM Business Directory, simply email

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Slow down!

The Brisbane City Council, in coordination with The Gap Ward Office, recently erected an additional 40 km/h school zone limit and traffic signs facing incoming traffic along Elimatta Drive and Aloomba Road following a request from Mt St Michael’s College to investigate the traffic management in the school vicinity. A safety project endorsed by Mt St Michael’s College’s Work Health and Safety (WHS) Committee.
Parents are reminded, for the safety of everyone, to DROP students off in the LOADING ZONE area outside the Ionian Centre and avoid areas marked with yellow lines which is against road safety rules. This is dangerous as it blocks other driver’s visibility and obstructs cars from moving around.
Onsite parking in the College grounds; Grantuly, undercover in the Ionian Centre and within the campus near the Sophia Centre is only permitted for staff. In consideration of our neighbours, please refrain from parking across driveways, adhere to the 40 km speed limit and be considerate of those living around the College when dropping and picking up students. Please do not drop off or pick up students within the College grounds.

In consideration for our neighbours, where possible please avoid leaving your motor running, especially when parked outside a home.
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