Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the communities of South East Queensland and New South Wales who have been impacted by the floods. In this newsletter you will find details of ways that our community can support those who have been affected. Thank you to parents and caregivers for your cooperation in collecting your students from the College so promptly last Thursday as we found ourselves responding to yet another “unprecedented” event. The safety of our community is always our paramount concern. 

We were so fortunate at MSM to experience only minor flooding due to the weather event. Unfortunately, our Wellbeing Centre floor was flooded and that has resulted in the temporary relocation of the offices of our Pastoral Leaders, College Psychologists and Career Pathways Program Leader. I would like to thank Mr Cole (Business Manager) and our maintenance team for their quick response on Monday morning last week to address the damage. We are hoping that the Centre will be back in action for the start of Term 2. 


CaSSSA Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to the MSM swimming team on bringing home the Percentage Cup at yesterday’s CaSSSA Swimming Carnival. This result is testament to the hard work and commitment to many months of early morning training sessions which were also disrupted due to COVID. 

I was privileged to witness a fantastic display of MSM Spirit. In a sensational day of competition, our team members gave 150% to every swim in which they participated. 

In the on-line edition of yesterday’s Courier Mail, our MSM swimming team was referred to as the “MSM swimming machine”. There were many highlights during the day, and these achievements are celebrated in the article in this newsletter.  A highlight for me was the excitement of the final event, the All Age Relay. This 6 x 50m relay featured a swimmer from each age group from every school and had the whole team on their feet cheering as Hannah Casey touched the wall in first place. This is the first time since 2014 that MSM has won this event and has broken the seven-year run for All Hallows'!  

I would like to thank Mrs Roy and Ms Page and the MSM coaching staff for their great work in preparing our team and supporting them on the day. 

Well done, team! MSM is very proud of you all! 

International Women’s Day

Tuesday was International Women’s Day. At our assembly on Tuesday our students showed their support for this year’s United Nations Theme #BreakTheBias.  

We look forward to celebrating at our IWD Foundation High Tea this afternoon at the Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane Showgrounds at Bowen Hills. This will be our first major event of the year and I thank our MSM community for your wonderful support. I would like to thank our wonderful local businesses and supporters who have provided prizes for our lucky door and raffle.  

In faith and love
Sharon Volp

Upcoming Term 1 Events
Be Quick! Ticket sales closing at 5pm Today!

This is your last chance to purchase tickets in the 2022 International Women's Day High Tea Raffle where all proceeds raised are directed towards our Mt St Michael’s College Sisters of Charity Scholarship Fund which provides financial support to young women from a disadvantaged background for her secondary education at MSM.

Our lucky raffle winners will be announced at our International Women's Day High Tea this afternoon.
Ticket Sales Closing Soon

The Year 7 P&F  'Welcome to MSM' Event is a great way for parents and caregivers of our Year 7 students to meet and get to know each other.

Ticket Sales Close on Wednesday 16 March
*Bookings are essential
College Leadership Team
Recent local and international events have had an influence on everyone's life. During these challenging circumstances, we can rely on our MSM values of love, justice, compassion, and hope, and we thank God for our incredible community and the outpouring of support and generosity.
While this is undoubtedly not what we had planned, we are committed to ensuring the continuation of learning and college activities. Excursions and other events have resumed to restore some much-needed structure and rhythm.

I have spoken with some or our new staff about their experiences transitioning to MSM under these atypical circumstances:
Jeni Emblem – Science Teacher 
MSM is a very welcoming, supporting, and caring college, with an outstanding leadership team that reached out to me during the floods. The Science department is very responsive to my contributions and extremely collegial. Students are highly dedicated to their studies, which is aided by the most helpful and inclusive learning team I have ever seen.
Zoey Fellows - Teacher of Religion 
I was excited to join the MSM community and am still excited and wholly supported by the whole staff. Students are astonishing. They are resilient, proactive, and level-headed, and they have also assisted me in developing a deeper understanding of MSM values.
Maria Conway -Teacher of English, Religion, and the Humanities.
Staff and students made my transition to the new school year a pleasure. I was awed by the community's outreach in the online environment at the start of the year. Students are very helpful, kind, and polite always willing to reach out and support. 
Susan Bodiam - Science and Design Technology Teacher
MSM does not have the sense of a new school; rather, it feels like home. I feel really respected and accepted, and my views and efforts are acknowledged as well. The students are lovely and very approachable.  I have enjoyed the commitment to academic rigour and what a supportive learning environment the College is. 
We look forward to a continuation of routine in the remaining weeks of Term 1.
This week, as we marked International Women’s Day, I have been reflecting on the remarkable women on whose shoulders we stand: bold, courageous women of Charity who have served our world with great love. 

MSM is founded in the legacy of courageous, defiant women of faith who saw injustice in their time and sought to challenge it.
Mary Aikenhead and her Sisters fought for the poor and for women’s rights in an era before women’s rights were recognised. 

The first sisters who came to Australia endured months on a cramped ship, arriving in the colony of New South Wales, where men outnumbered women four to one. It was a dangerous place. They came to care for the female convicts and their children, and they did so at considerable personal risk. The sisters campaigned for better conditions for female prisoners and ministered to the poor and forgotten on the streets of Sydney & Paramatta. 

For more than 175 years, the Sisters have travelled to the margins of our society, actively living their fourth vow of service to the poor, working with those who are forgotten or ignored by society. Today, Sisters and those who work in their name are active in education, healthcare, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ministry, prison ministry and social justice work. We are privileged to continue their work.

Here at MSM, our Sisters Empowering Sisters CAN group continues to raise awareness about women’s issues and they generously support a number of initiatives that make a practical difference for women in Brisbane experiencing homelessness, domestic and family violence and poverty. One such initiative is underway at the moment. Sisters Empowering Sisters is seeking donations of the following new items for Micah Projects in a range of sizes:
  • Plain T-Shirts
  • Leggings 
  • Crop top bras
  • Underwear
All donations are gratefully received and can be placed in the baskets in homerooms. In the midst of the devastating flooding here in South-East Queensland, the need for access to emergency support services like Micah Projects will be greater than ever, with a fresh wave of families left without homes and possessions by the floods. Please give what you can. 

Project Compassion 
MSM’s annual fundraiser for Caritas Project Compassion has commenced. In previous years, the College has used money boxes in homerooms to collect for Project Compassion. This year we are going digital! I invite your family to consider making a donation to Project Compassion using the link below. All money collected via this site will count towards our school’s total fundraising effort
St Vincent de Paul Flood Appeal
If your family is able to, we invite you to make a tax-deductable donation to the SDVP Flood Disaster Appeal. Money raised will go directly to St Vincent de Paul to assist families with emergency accommodation, clothing and essential items. You can follow the link below: 
Lent Fundraising Activities
Shrove Tuesday Fundraiser - Pancake Day
Click here for more information
Ash Wednesday Fundraiser - Rice Day
Click here for more information
Over the past month, I have identified two of the most efficient study techniques that students should be using to prepare them for the demands of the QCE system.

To date, I have discussed the techniques of:
  • Spaced Practice
  • Retrieval Practice

This week we look at the use of ‘Concrete Examples’ as a strategy to reinforce new learning. This is a skill that would be used quite often in classrooms from Year 7 – 12 when a teacher explains a new concept and is characterised using specific examples to assist in understanding abstract ideas.

In terms of a study technique, students should develop concrete examples of an abstract concept, once it has been discussed in class, so they are able to solidify the learning in their own mind. Abstract ideas can be vague and difficult to grasp, as the human brain is designed to remember concrete information better than abstract information. Therefore, when learning abstract and complex ideas, students should aim to create their own specific and concrete examples. Students should then check their example with their teacher for accuracy, correct any parts that are not quite right and then look to find another example. This practice should assist their brain to frame their understanding of these concepts with concrete, easy to remember, examples.


Mathematics Tutoring

The MSM Maths Tutorial booking system has been launched this week. Students in Years 7 – 12 are welcome to book a 10-minute session to focus on a particular topic or question that they may need additional support with. Bookings are available between 7:30am – 5:00pm and are to be made at least 12 hours in advance. Students need to ensure that they are in their MSM uniform when chatting to a Mathematics teacher on Teams. The link to the booking system can be accessed by clicking here.

Attendance at School

Regular attendance at school is critical for your daughter’s learning and development. If your daughter is going to be absent during the term, parents need to request approval for this absence in writing from Ms Volp. While the value of a family vacation is accepted, as is the occasional need for attendance at events in term time, priority must be given to regular school attendance. This is particularly the case if your daughter’s absence will involve missing end-of-term assessment.

Extension requests

There are circumstances that arise where your daughter can apply for an extension to an assessment deadline. Please note that, as per QCAA guidelines, family holidays during term time are not valid reasons for an extension. If your daughter falls behind in her studies, generally through illness or misadventure, then she is entitled to apply to modify her assessment deadlines. If your daughter feels that she may need to negotiate her deadlines, then I strongly encourage her to have a conversation with either Ms Lilley, Program Leader Middle School, for students in Years 7 – 9 or Ms Howe, Program Leader Senior School, for students in Years 10 - 12. Ms Lilley and Ms Howe are in the best position to ascertain whether your daughter will meet the requirements for adjustments to be made.  Please note that any request must be made at least 48 hours before the due date.

Absences when assessment is due

If your daughter is absent on a day when she has assignment due, your daughter is still expected to submit her assessment digitally using the process required for the specific subject. If your daughter is absent on the day that she is scheduled to sit an examination, please note that she will be required to complete the examination when she is back at the College either in a catch-up session during the school day or at a curriculum catch up on Thursday afternoon. Students will be expected to complete their missed examination as soon as practicable.

Around The College
Prayers for Ukraine

7F recently participated in a contemplative act of compassion by creating prayer cards to be given to the Brisbane Ukrainian Community Centre. Students learned about the 12th Century icon of Our Lady of Zarvanytsia and then listened to Ukrainian music as they coloured an icon and wrote a note to a Ukrainian community member expressing the College’s solidarity with those involved.
Japanese Students Celebrating Hinamatsurui

“Hina” means doll and “matsuri” means festival.  So Hina-matsuri is the Doll’s Festival. It is held every year on 3 March to celebrate the health and happiness of girls. It is also called the Girls’ Festival. Kawakami sensei brought her hina doll collection in for our Japanese students to enjoy. 
CaSSSA Swimming Carnival

It was a true pleasure to watch our MSM Swimming Team in action at the 2022 CaSSSA Swimming Carnival. We are incredibly proud of these results and especially proud of all the young women who represented us. Your commitment, perseverance, grit and passion is immeasurable. We are #MSMPROUD. 

A special mention needs to go to our Winning All Age Relay Team Members – Hannah Casey, Ana Somerville, Tara Cabaron, Kate Shield, Halle Barlow and Annabelle Creswell. It was the magic race that ended the carnival. MSM, SRC and AHS could barely be split in all six laps before Hannah, building on the inspiring legs before her, was able to chase down the AHS team to secure 1st place. 

  • 1st Percentage Cup (Aggregate school based on school enrolments) 
  • 1st All Age Relay  
  • 1st Open Age Group (100m events, 200m Freestyle, Open Medley Relay and All Age Relay) 
  • 2nd 16 Years 
  • 2nd 15 Years 
  • 3rd 17 + Years  
  • 3rd 14 Years 
  • 3rd Aggregate Cup 

Hannah Casey – Under 16 Years – New CaSSSA Swimming Record – Under 16 50m Freestyle. 

Met North Swimming Carnival

Well done to all our 15 MSM swimmers who competed in the Met North Swimming Carnival, and a big congratulations to those that progressed through to the QLD State Championships. 

Upcoming College Activities for Students
Term 1 ExtravaCANza
Week 8 - Friday 18 March

Our first ExtravaCANza Market Day will be held on Friday 18 March at lunchtime in the Sophia Centre. Our five CAN groups have been busily working on exciting items to sell on this day, with all proceeds going to support our Term 1 Mission projects. Items will be priced between $1 and $5. Cash is accepted at all stalls. More information will be provided in the daily notices and on the digital screens around the College in the coming days.
MSM College Community Groups
Please keep up-to-date with changes to meeting formats.
 P&F Meetings: Please check the Mt St Michael's College App for meeting update notifications.
Alumni Meetings: Please visit the MSM Alumni Association Facebook page for updates.
Parents and Friends Association

Next Meeting - Monday 14 March, 6pm
Please click here  for information on 2022 meeting dates and to find out more about the MSM Parents and Friends Association.

Follow the P&F on Facebook
Alumni Association

Next Meeting & AGM - Monday 21 March, 6pm
Please click here for information on 2022 meeting dates and to find out more about the 
MSM Alumni Association.

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2022 Term Dates

Term 1
Monday 31 January – Friday 1 April

Term 2
Wednesday 20 April – Friday 17 June

Term 3
Tuesday 12 July – Friday 16 September

Term 4
Tuesday 4 October – Friday 18 November (Year 12)
Tuesday 4 October – Friday 25 November (Years 7-11)

The Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment (the department) would like to notify you that a request has been made for your child’s school to provide residential address and other information as required under the Australian Education Regulation 2013.
The school is required to provide the department with the following information about each student at the school:
  • Names and residential addresses of student’s parent(s) and/or guardian(s)
  • Student residential address (excluding student names)
  • Whether the student is a primary or secondary student (education level)
  • Whether the student is boarding or a day student (boarding status).
The school collects the above information by generating a unique and unidentifiable – student reference number (SRN) for each student record. The SRN is also only used by the school for this collection. It is not allowed to be used for any other purpose. The number only indicates to the department that each record provided is for one student.

Click here for more information
Help Support the MSM Environment Group

Support the MSM Environment Group by donating your eligible containers! Bring your containers to school or use our scheme ID when returning to your local depot. Your donations will go towards funding our current and future environmental initiatives.

Mt St Michael's College scheme ID: C10333591
Now available on the College APP!
Mt St Michael’s College is pleased to bring to you the MSM Business Directory. Accessed through our website and APP, this online portal, profiles businesses and provides opportunities to connect with the wider MSM community to promote your services, sales and special offers. 

Many business owners profiled in the MSM Business Directory are long-term friends of the College. They include current and past parents, local businesses and alumni who, together show a commitment to Mt St Michael’s College and support for MSM events, fundraisers and initiatives. 

If you would like to be included in the online MSM Business Directory, simply email msmnews@msm.qld.edu.au

For more information please click here
Slow down!

The Brisbane City Council, in coordination with The Gap Ward Office, recently erected an additional 40 km/h school zone limit and traffic signs facing incoming traffic along Elimatta Drive and Aloomba Road following a request from Mt St Michael’s College to investigate the traffic management in the school vicinity. A safety project endorsed by Mt St Michael’s College’s Work Health and Safety (WHS) Committee.
Parents are reminded, for the safety of everyone, to DROP students off in the LOADING ZONE area outside the Ionian Centre and avoid areas marked with yellow lines which is against road safety rules. This is dangerous as it blocks other driver’s visibility and obstructs cars from moving around.
Onsite parking in the College grounds; Grantuly, undercover in the Ionian Centre and within the campus near the Sophia Centre is only permitted for staff. In consideration of our neighbours, please refrain from parking across driveways, adhere to the 40 km speed limit and be considerate of those living around the College when dropping and picking up students. Please do not drop off or pick up students within the College grounds.

In consideration for our neighbours, where possible please avoid leaving your motor running, especially when parked outside a home.
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