This is the last Spirit Newsletter for Term 1. As I have been reading through the various articles, I have been reflecting on what a wonderful Term 1 we have experienced as a community. Our students have taken every opportunity to “add some spice to their MSM life!” 

At the Middle School Assembly on Tuesday it was wonderful to see the celebration of the gifts and achievements of the students in Years 7, 8 and 9 as they added their own spice! Congratulations to the Year 9 Class Captains who led the assembly – this was a wonderful opportunity to develop their leadership skills. The Arts performances were fantastic.

Congratulations to the Year 7-8 Choir who performed “White Winter Hymnal” under the direction of Mrs Kate Littlewood. It is pleasing to see so many students involved in this choir, and I look forward to many more performances from them during the year. The Year 8 Dance class produced a moving performance piece choreographed to “Bring me a Higher Love”. Well done, girls!  One of my most enjoyable tasks of the Assembly is the presentation of the Year 8 and 9 Principal Awards for Academic Excellence and Academic Effort for studies in Semester 2 2022. I also enjoyed hearing students sharing their experiences as a host family in the recent Japanese Student Exchange program. 
I offer my best wishes to the Year 11 and 12 in the Senior A and B Tennis Finals on Saturday. It has been a long, hot summer of tennis – good luck!  Next week is also the final round of Term 1 CaSSSA sport. I also extend my best wishes to all teams, and particularly our Inter F and Open D Volleyball Teams who will compete for a CaSSSA premiership.

Congratulations to our Year 7 and 9 students who have completed their NAPLAN tests during the last week or so. I was so pleased to hear reports that our students have been trying their absolute best.
MSM Foundation International Women’s Day High Tea

The Sophia Centre was full of the smiling faces of approximately 520 mothers, daughters, grandmothers, and other significant family members on Friday 10 March as MSM celebrated International Women’s Day.

This year we were privileged to hear from a panel of three guest speakers: Lisa McMillan (Class of 2002), Jess Peters (Class of 2006) and Ashleigh Jacks (Class of 2005). These amazing alumni are all engineers who shared the story of their career journeys since graduating from MSM. Thank you for giving up your time to contribute to our High Tea.
I would like to acknowledge the support of our Alumni with this event. The Alumni generously donated purple cookies as part of the High Tea. Thank you also to Anne O’Keeffe who hosted the panel discussion and delivered the vote of thanks. Also in attendance were our Alumni Secretary (Kate) and Treasurer (Alice).

Thank you to the members of our community who supported our raffle by either purchasing tickets or donating raffle prizes. Your support is valued and together we have raised more than $9,000 which will be allocated to our “Light the Way” Capital Campaign as part of our fundraising for our proposed new building.

Term 1 has a week to go and there is activity aplenty ahead. Best wishes to the Year 11 students who are currently completing Unit 1 exams. We are looking forward to the cross country on Thursday and as Term 1 draws to a close on Friday when we celebrate our Easter Liturgy. 

As we prepare for the Passion of Christ on Good Friday I invite you to pray this prayer from our Staff Lenten Program “From Ashes to Hope”

On this most holy day, I come to you in gratitude and love. I pray that I keep my eyes on the cross and your great loving sacrifice. Give me the strength to bear my sufferings with courage, trusting that we are healed today through your Passion. Amen.

I wish our students and their families, our staff and all members of our MSM community a Happy and Holy Easter and a refreshing Easter break. I look forward to seeing everyone when school resumes on Monday 17 April.

In Faith and Love

Sharon Volp

Upcoming Events
Parents of Year 8 & 9 students are invited to attend a social evening in the Sophia Centre on Friday 28 April. This event provides a relaxed opportunity to meet other parents from the same cohort as well as members of the College Leadership Team and the P&F Committee.

Year 10 parents are invited to join together for Sunset Drinks on Friday 19 May. More details to follow.
2023 College Leadership Team
As we draw close to the end of term, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to all of our students who consistently demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviours towards teachers, their academic schoolwork, and their participation in all of our co-curricular activities.
Thank you to all our teachers who contribute unconditionally to the co-curricular program that is essential to our students' educational experience. Students are able to develop skills, discover new interests, and form meaningful relationships with their peers and teachers through these activities.

Below are some highlights of some of our co-curricular programs:

All of our teams have consistently demonstrated their dedication to training and evening debates. Our 12.1 debate team, consisting of Emily, Lucy, Neave, and Emily, is currently undefeated.
Congratulations to Bridget, Madelyne, Audrey and Anabelle, our Year 11 University of Queensland Science Ambassadors. Their responsibility is to promote STEM related competitions and activities between the university and MSM. Some forthcoming STEM competitions include:

The ‘ANZ Junior Stretch and Challenge’, and the ‘ANZ More Able and Ambitious’ day for Senior Students, are for our curious and motivated students who are interested in reaching their full potential. In addition, we are beginning to promote interest in the annual Australian Space Design Competition.
Creative Thinking

Our Future Problem-Solving teams have been training since the start of Term 1. This competition is an educational program in which students apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to hypothetical situations.

The Writers' Club is also active on Friday afternoons. This is a supportive environment for students with a genuine interest in creative story writing who enjoy writing and sharing fiction and poetry. This group is wonderfully productive.
The Arts News

Twenty excited choir students joined the Marist Senior Choir to prepare the beautiful “In Flanders Fields” for performances at both the upcoming Marist ANZAC Ceremony, and also the Ashgrove ANZAC Event after the March. Many of the girls were amazed at the difference of singing the full SATB choir, and hearing the low, rich tones of the male voices. Due to COVID we have not been able to do any combined schools’ events in recent years. Our next Co-curricular Music performance is the upcoming MusicFest1 with the theme of the seasons, on 4 May, which will feature all ensembles and choirs. Year 7-8 Choir previewed some repertoire from that at the recent Middle School Assembly, singing “White Winter Hymnal” popularised by the Pentatonix with impressive body percussion.
Drama Club, busily developing improvisational skills, shared their talent at Open Evening. Several Year 7-12 students displayed confidence and improvised challenging situations for the appreciative audience. The Drama Club students and the Year 12 Drama class have been invited to prepare the liturgical action for the Easter Liturgy.
The MSM Co-curricular Dance groups are currently rehearsing weekly for their upcoming performances. The Liturgy Dancers are busy preparing for the approaching Easter Liturgy, whilst the Dance Team are working towards showcasing their skills in their two complex routines. The Performance Ensemble spent a recent Saturday participating in a Dance Intensive Workshop with an industry professional, alongside a workshop during the MSM Open Evening. All dancers are honing their skills with rigorous weekly training before the Dance Showcase in May which is being eagerly anticipated by all students.
Other Clubs
There are numerous clubs to occupy our inquisitive minds, such as the Harry Potter Club, the Business Club, and the Colouring- in Club, as well as the Breakfast Club for middle school students seeking assistance with home study and assignment tasks.

Next week, we are looking forward to our annual Inter-house Cross Country and the final day of Wellbeing Activities with guest presenters, House Activities and our Easter Liturgy.

I hope the upcoming break provides our students with an opportunity to relax and engage in enjoyable activities. I look forward to seeing all our students and families back in Term 2 ready to continue our shared journey of learning and growth.

MAM Hobart Pilgrimage

On 9 & 10 March, I travelled to Hobart to participate in a Mary Aikenhead Ministries Pilgrimage, tracing the footsteps of the three founding Sisters who travelled from Paramatta to Hobart in 1847 to care for the female convicts and their children.

The Pilgrimage visited several significant sites related to the story of the Sisters. At Constitution Dock, we heard the stories of the women who were unloaded from the prison ships after many long months at sea, only to have their children taken from them and placed into overcrowded and disease ridden orphanages. Most never saw their children again. At the Cascades Female Factory, we learned about the deplorable conditions that the female convicts faced in cramped, overcrowded and filthy lodgings. I was particularly moved as I thought of my own five times Great Grandmother, Jean McDougall, who was a convict at Cascades, and who arrived in Hobart the same year that the Sisters did. Stopping at the site of the old Queen’s Asylum for Children, we learned the sad fate of many of the children who accompanied their mothers on the prison ships, and were stolen away on the docks. The deplorable conditions and food shortage meant that there was a 10% mortality rate for children housed here. The Sisters, so appalled by the maltreatment of these children, established their own orphanage and sought to transfer as many as they could take.

High on the hill, beneath the shade of Huon pines, and overlooking the rugged coastline, we visited the grave of Mother John Cahill, Mother de Sales O’Brien and Mother Xavier Williams, three of the five original sisters who came to Australia. They rest peacefully together, and the legacy they left behind is written into the streets of Hobart.

I was deeply moved by the courage and enterprise of the Sisters, and those who followed in their footsteps. They advocated for the women and children of the colony. In a place where hope had been utterly dismantled by bureaucracy, they sought to bring dignity, compassion and love.
Close The Gap Day

MSM marked Close the Gap Day on Friday 17 March. Our Social Justice Council organised an awareness-raising campaign for the day, putting up handmade posters around the College and producing a video and prayer for use in Homerooms. Our students were greeted at the College gates by members of the Social Justice Council, who provided hair ribbons in the colours of the Aboriginal flag. Thank you to our wonderful SJC for their excellent work on this important awareness raising campaign.
Aikenhead Day

In 2023, we are launching a new initiative to provide each House with a special day of celebration. We hope to promote House Spirit and provide students with an opportunity to organise a fundraiser for Project Wakitikimi.

On Monday, we celebrated all things green with a special Irish-themed Spirit day for Aikenhead House. Our Aikenhead students raised funds for our major school project with a green-themed bake sale, lolly guess and leprechaun lob-a-choc stall. At lunchtime, Aikenhead house enjoyed a house cake and some Irish fun, including a green egg and spoon race and potato bowling! Thanks to our wonderful Aikenhead Captain Charlotte for her work on this special House Day, and to all of our wonderful Aikenhead students for displaying such magnificent house pride!

Mt St Michael’s College – A Positive School with Visible Wellbeing

As identified earlier this year our student wellbeing goal for the foreseeable future is to make Mt St Michael’s College not only a school with a brilliant Positive Education program, but a Positive School with Visible Wellbeing.

The implementation plan for achieving this goal is emerging and will be a process with a series of incremental steps across a number of years. With any adjustment to practices, however positive, it is essential to work at a pace that ensures the willingness, ability, and appropriate resources for success. It is important to note that many of the adjustments pertain to introducing a shared understanding and language of practice already undertaken at the College. To this end we are consolidating a Positive Behaviour Strategy, complemented by Restorative Practices. The tenets of Positive Psychology, already established in our curriculum have a shared foundation with both Positive Behaviour and Restorative Practices. For your information, below is an overview of how this looks in the school context.
Positive Behaviour Strategy (PBS)

A Positive Behaviour Strategy enables the College to ensure a safe, respectful, and productive learning environment by establishing a positive school climate where students and adults have strong, positive relationships and students understand what is expected of them as Mt St Michael’s learners. PBS provides a tangible way of working to nurture students by providing them with positive behavioural supports and meaningful opportunities for improving social and emotional skills, such as recognising and managing emotions, developing caring and concern for others, making responsible decisions, establishing positive relationships and handling challenging situations in a constructive way. At Mt St Michael’s College, our Principal, leadership team and staff members work together to establish and maintain a positive school climate. All adults aim to communicate, teach, and model the positive behaviours they expect students to exhibit in the classroom and in other parts of the school throughout the day. At MSM we set expectations and teach our students how to meet them, regularly reinforcing appropriate behaviours, which is why we see few incidents of inappropriate behaviour and are able to focus on teaching and learning. By being proactive in supporting positive behaviour, we are enacting what is commonly known as Restorative Practices. These practices align perfectly with the principles of Catholic education and our College values of Love, Hope, Justice and Compassion.
What is Restorative Justice?
  • A philosophy or perspective
  • General overarching principles: repairing harm, accountability, reducing risk, stakeholder involvement, community partnership.

What are Restorative Practices?
  • Strategies which are implemented to ensure and restore positive relationships and solve interpersonal issues.
  • Examples of restorative practices include problem-solving conversations and separating the behaviour from the person.

Goals of Restorative Practices at Mt St Michael’s College
  • Teach students to take accountability for their actions, through repairing harm and making amends which builds autonomy and self-efficacy
  • Include students who have harmed or been harmed, and their surrounding community in restorative responses to classroom or social concerns
  • Establish school-based practices facilitated by staff, such as circles, conferencing and peer mediation.
This undertaking is a very exciting step in the Mt St Michael’s journey to becoming a Positive School with Visible Wellbeing. We look forward to engaging with families to support our students in a proactive and positive partnership.

There has been a lot talk in the media recently about teachers leaving the profession. This week I wanted to focus on the wonderful work that our teachers at MSM do and the positive contribution they make to the lives of all students.

Teachers are an integral part of a student’s educational journey, and it's important that students value their expertise in the classroom. They have undergone years of education and training to become experts in their fields. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom that can help students learn and grow in ways they may not have thought possible. They spend countless hours outside of the classroom preparing lessons, providing feedback on draft assessment tasks, grading final submissions whilst also providing support to their students. It is important that students respect their dedication and hard work.
Teachers can provide valuable insights and advice that can help students navigate their educational journey. So how can students demonstrate their respect for their MSM teachers' expertise in the classroom? Here are some practical suggestions:
  1. Attend class prepared and ready to learn. This means students should have completed all homework and bring all required equipment to the class.
  2. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If students are struggling to understand a concept, teachers are there to help students learn, and want them to succeed.
  3. Be respectful in all communications with teachers. Respectful communication involves treating their teacher with kindness and consideration. This means being polite and courteous in all interactions with them, and refraining from disruptive or disrespectful behaviour in the classroom.
By valuing teachers' expertise in the classroom, we create a positive and productive learning environment that benefits everyone. As the term draws to a close, I would like to thank the teachers at MSM for their professionalism and dedication. They truly enrich the lives of all the students at the College.
Year 7 – 12 Parent Teacher Conferences - Monday 24 April

Parent Teacher Conferences for students in Years 7 - 12 will occur on Monday 24 April from 9:00am – 6:00pm. Teachers will be able to discuss how students have progressed across Term 1 and provide actionable feedback as we move into Term 2. The conferences will be conducted online via Microsoft Teams. If there are any teacher cancellations on the day, due to unforeseen circumstances, parents will be notified via email.

Bookings for Parent Teacher Conferences will open at 9:00am on Monday 27 March and will close on Wednesday 19 April at 3pm. I have sent communications to all families about how to book these important conferences today.

Finally, congratulations must be extended to all Year 7 and Year 9 students for their exceptional conduct whilst undertaking NAPLAN online testing over the past two weeks. I would also like to thank Ms Alison Larkings, Program Leader – Middle School for her administration of this testing as well as Mr John Hamilton and the IT Support Team for troubleshooting any technical issues that cropped up across the testing days. I am looking forward to seeing how our students are progressing with their literacy and numeracy development.
Around the College

On Monday 27 February MSM house groups competed in the Inter-house Swimming Carnival. The Valley pool was alive with cheering and colour and some incredible individual performances. There were smiles and fun in abundance poolside which provided a wonderful celebration on a hot and sunny day. Well done to every student who attended the carnival, wearing their house colours with pride, competing in races and the house event, contributing in any way to house points!
Congratulations to Stewart (Charlotte – House Captain), who are the 2023 House Swimming Champions.
Congratulations to the following students on breaking MSM swimming records at this event:
Hannah broke the 17+ 50m butterfly record with a new time of 29.33 seconds
Hannah broke the open 100m butterfly record with a new time of 1:05.76
The Grantuly 15 yrs freestyle relay team broke the record with a new time of 2:06.91 (Izzy, Keira, Annelise and Kate S)
The Grantuly 16 yrs freestyle relay team broke the record with a new time of 2:01.91 (Annabelle, Zaylee, Chelsie and Chiara)
The Stewart 17+ yrs freestyle relay team broke the record with a new time of 2:04.99 (Hannah, Milla, Mia and Sophie)
Congratulations to the Age Champions at this event:
12 yrs: 1st – Ruth, 2nd – Montie, 3rd – Myf
13 yrs: 1st – Lucy, 2nd – Madelynn, 3rd – Khloe
14 yrs: 1st – Chloe, 2nd – Siana, 3rd – Gabrielle
15 yrs: 1st – Kate S, 2nd – Abigail, 3rd – Kate H
16 yrs: 1st – Annabelle, 2nd – Audrey, 3rd – Chaira
17+ yrs: 1st – Emily, 2nd – Hannah, 3rd – Mia
Open Champion: 1st – Hannah, 2nd – Audrey, 3rd – Lucy
50m Freestyle Champion: Hannah
Champion of Champions: Audrey

After a short but intense season, our MSM Swimming Team competed in the CaSSSA Cup Swimming Carnival on Thursday 9 March, at The Brisbane Aquatic Centre, Chandler. It has been a long time without spectators at this carnival. Thank you to the staff and Year 8 and 10 students, our cheer squad at this event, for your enthusiasm and constant #MSMloud and #MSMproud support! 
Our Swimming Team definitely gave them something to cheer about! Amazing individual performances led to an outstanding overall team performance – the result of weeks of training, effort and pride all culminating in victory for our team!
Pound for pound, still the best – Percentage Cup Champions!
Across the board, still the best – All Age Relay Champions!
Agregate Cup – 3rd
17+ yrs – 2nd
16yrs – Champions!
15 yrs – 2nd
13 yrs – 3rd
Open events – 2nd
Congratulations to our small but very mighty Ana, who broke the CaSSSA 13 yrs 50m Backstroke record from 2016.
The MSM community, staff and students could not be more proud of the efforts of our team, leading into this event and on the day! 

During Term 1 our Year 12 Physics class were very excited to participate in the annual Physics camp. During the day, the students worked diligently to complete their student experiments. Water rockets were a blast as they explored the relationship between angle of launch and the distance travelled. At night they took advantage of the dark skies of rural Queensland for astronomy and observed stars and planets through our telescope. Mark Bateman from Sunshine Sports Photography shared his expertise with astronomy and night photography to capture some fantastic images.

Two of our MSM students, Amy and Juliette had the privilege of undertaking private exchanges over the Christmas break. They have shared their experiences below.
By Juliette

My name is Juliette, I am currently in Year 11 and recently went on exchange to France for three months from October 2022 to January 2023.

I was placed with an incredible host family in the south-eastern city of Grenoble. My host family consisted of a father, his partner and two host siblings, one being a girl my age and the other a boy a few years older in the military. We all got along so well. During my stay I was able to learn more about French culture, speak the language and do so many new activities.

I lived in the city center of Grenoble, surrounded by the French Alps. Everyday weekday (except for the Christmas holidays) I attended the local school, which was such a beneficial experience. Despite many failed French exams, I was able to learn some content, meet numerous lovely people and be fully immersed in daily French life.

I was so fortunate to able to visit many different areas surrounding Grenoble, including Switzerland and countless French cities. The nearly every night four course meals or croissants in the morning were not even the best parts. The people and experiences were the absolute highlights, in particular the snow - whether that be skiing, ice skating, hiking, snowball fights or building snow men with my friends I made over there or with my host sister.

Overall, I had such an amazing time and would definitely recommend an exchange to anyone who is considering doing the same.
By Amy

Over the Christmas holidays I spent 9 weeks in the south of France on exchange with WEP.

I stayed in a small village named Saint-Jeannet and with a host family who I have created such a close relationship with. I had my host parents Amaël and Morgane, and two host brothers, Lubin and Gaspard. Together we would go on hikes and see the beautiful views, or go out to Nice for a day. They were so kind to take me in and I still talk to them and plan on visiting them in the future.  

While in France I attended a local school and got to experience what French schooling is like.  School days are much longer, some days I was there from 8am to 5pm. But their lunch breaks are longer with a 1 or 2 hour break where they can get food at the cafeteria or leave school to get food. Although overwhelming to attend classes completely in French, it was so interesting and I had many kind friends and teachers who tried to help me understand. Being so immersed in the language has helped me improve so much in French.  

The best part of the exchange was all the friends I made. I was, of course, asked the typical questions about Australia: do we ride kangaroos and are there sharks at the beaches. But I became very close with a group of friends who I am still in contact with and I plan on going to France and visiting them all again next year.  

During our two week holiday, I got to visit many villages surrounding like Monaco and Antibes. All so beautiful and half the time I couldn’t believe I was actually in France.  

While preparing was such an emotional roller coaster, being so excited but so sad about leaving my friends and family, and the same on the way back, I was excited to see everyone at home but devastated about leaving my family in France behind, it was all worth it. The advice my mum gave me when I was deciding whether to go or not was true: If you don’t do it, you’ll probably regret it. If you do it, you’ll never regret it. And I don’t. My only regret is not being able to stay longer because I had to return for Year 12.

I would highly recommend an exchange as it’s such an incredible opportunity to experience a different culture and gain so many life skills.  

Year 10 MSM Dance students had the amazing opportunity to work with guest artist Jared Misfud to learn a complex jazz routine for their upcoming assessment. Jared is a seasoned performer with a wealth of experience in the dance industry, having performed on television, cruise ships, and at Universal Studios worldwide. Our students had an incredible time working with Jared to perfect their technique and performance skills, and were thrilled to learn from such a talented and experienced professional. 

On 14 March we celebrated Mathematics pi Day (3.14)!  Students participated in pi trivia, put together a paper chain of pi and some brave students were able to recite the digits of pi they had memorised for the occasion. A massive congratulations to our winner Chelsea in Year 7 who could recite 128 digits of pi with a special mention to Scarlett in Year 12 who recited 94. 

Well done to our Academic Captains, Lucy and Elise, for facilitating such a wonderful experience for our students. 

U12 Water Polo

Congratulations to our U12 Water Polo team on their efforts during their bronze medal play off for the U12 Division 2 BWPI 2022/2023 competition.

The girls started training in Term 4 of 2022 while still in Year 6, making their way to MSM for training after their day at primary school. As our newest members of MSM, and for most -  their first ever season of Water Polo, it is an outstanding achievement for them to finish in 4th place. 

Congratulations to their coach, MSM Alumni, Zoe Smith (Class of 2021) for leading these girls so well in their first season of Water Polo for MSM!


Harry Potter fans at MSM rejoiced when the new Harry Potter Club was launched in the Library during second break. Thanks to two die-hard Year 8 Potterhead students, Chloe and Ellen, fans who are devoted to the book series, movies and merchandise now have a place to share their passion.

There was a great turn out and everyone who attended enjoyed participating in the various Harry Potter themed games and puzzles. We look forward to watching this magical club grow.


Need guidance with your referencing? Try utilising the LibGuides where you will find direct links to our MSM referencing guide, online referencing tools, videos, and a specialist guide to help with referencing Scripture, Catechism and Encyclicals.

Referencing is an integral part of your assignment process and it’s important that it is done correctly. References verify your research and are a way of supporting the claims or arguments you have made in your assignment. It is important that you acknowledge the words, ideas and research of others.

Providing citations recognises the intellectual property rights of others. So not only do we have an ethical responsibility to acknowledge their work, but it’s also expected academic integrity practice to avoid any possibility of plagiarism.

References need to be accurate and follow a set convention, or format. At MSM we use the APA (Australian Psychological Association) referencing system, 7th edition.

To access LibGuides, head to the MSM Landing page which will take you to the Library Homepage. Click on the red tab Research & Referencing. Then click again on the red tab Referencing.

Ashgrove Library has the following holiday events planned for the Easter holidays, which may be of interest to our students.

In the upcoming holidays Ashgrove Library have 2 'escape' rooms on Saturday 1 April, the first at 1.30pm and the second at 2.15pm.

 Miss Lea De Vous’ secret stash is missing. Come to Ashgrove library and puzzle your way to the prize . . . if you can! Ideal for ages 12 years and older.

There is also a special event for Brisbane Youth Week where author Megan Jacobson is coming to do a writing workshop for 12-17 year olds on Saturday 15 April 1.30-2.30pm.

Every story starts with a spark, but how do you find and sustain that spark? Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to learn how to look. Join author of Yellow and The Build-Up Season, Megan Jacobson as she gives practical tools to identify story sparks in day-to-day life, demonstrates how to use external forms of inspiration like storyboarding and playlists to feed your creativity, and learn how to develop a story from a character or situation. Ideal for those aged 12-17 years.
MSM College Community Groups
 P&F Meetings: Please check the Mt St Michael's College Facebook page and App for meeting update notifications.
Alumni Meetings: Please visit the MSM Alumni Association Facebook page for updates.
2023 P&F Events Schedule

Term 1
P&F Meeting Monday 6 February 6pm
P&F Year 7 Parent Welcome to MSM Friday 24 February 6pm
P&F Meeting Monday 6 March 6pm
Term 2
P&F Year 8 & 9 Parents Social Evening Friday 28 April
P&F Meeting Monday 8 May 6pm
P&F Year 10 Parents Social Evening Friday 19 May
P&F Golf Day Friday 26 May
P&F Meeting Monday 5 June 6pm
Term 3
P&F Meeting Monday 7 August 6pm
P&F Mothers Lunch
P&F Meeting Monday 4 September 6pm
Term 4
P&F AGM & Meeting Monday 6 November 6pm

2023 Term Dates
Term 1
Tuesday 24 January – Friday 31 March
Term 2
Monday 17 April – Friday 16 June 
Term 3
Monday 10 July – Friday 15 September 
Term 4
Tuesday 3 October – Friday 24 November (Years 7-11)
Now available on the College APP!
Mt St Michael’s College is pleased to bring to you the MSM Business Directory. Accessed through our website and APP, this online portal, profiles businesses and provides opportunities to connect with the wider MSM community to promote your services, sales and special offers. 

Many business owners profiled in the MSM Business Directory are long-term friends of the College. They include current and past parents, local businesses and alumni who, together show a commitment to Mt St Michael’s College and support for MSM events, fundraisers and initiatives. 

If you would like to be included in the online MSM Business Directory, simply email

For more information please click here
Help Support the MSM Environment Group

Support the MSM Environment Group by donating your eligible containers! Bring your containers to school or use our scheme ID when returning to your local depot. Your donations will go towards funding our current and future environmental initiatives.

Mt St Michael's College scheme ID: C10333591
Slow down!

The Brisbane City Council, in coordination with The Gap Ward Office, recently erected an additional 40 km/h school zone limit and traffic signs facing incoming traffic along Elimatta Drive and Aloomba Road following a request from Mt St Michael’s College to investigate the traffic management in the school vicinity. A safety project endorsed by Mt St Michael’s College’s Work Health and Safety (WHS) Committee.
Parents are reminded, for the safety of everyone, to DROP students off in the LOADING ZONE area outside the Ionian Centre and avoid areas marked with yellow lines which is against road safety rules. This is dangerous as it blocks other driver’s visibility and obstructs cars from moving around.
Onsite parking in the College grounds; Grantuly, undercover in the Ionian Centre and within the campus near the Sophia Centre is only permitted for staff. In consideration of our neighbours, please refrain from parking across driveways, adhere to the 40 km speed limit and be considerate of those living around the College when dropping and picking up students. Please do not drop off or pick up students within the College grounds.

In consideration for our neighbours, where possible please avoid leaving your motor running, especially when parked outside a home.
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