I was delighted to welcome back all our students and families to Term 2, and I extend a warm welcome to the new members joining our community. It is always wonderful to see how eager our students are to reunite with friends and teachers and to be involved in every aspect of school life from the first day.

This week, Pope Francis’ reflection on the Gospel proposes that we focus on three verbs: hear, know, and follow. Firstly, we need to be open to listening. We must set aside time and exert effort in the midst of our hectic daily schedules to listen to Jesus’ voice. Secondly, beyond mere knowledge of superficial facts, we must have faith that God understands and loves us. Having the courage to participate in acts of service and show compassion to those in need is the third focus. A message that resonates with our 2024 theme Compassion: the courage to look, the courage to act. The Gospel reminds us that when we live with compassion, it inspires others to do the same.

This edition of The Spirit is filled with many articles that show we are listening, understanding, and have the courage to act and show compassion.

ANZAC Day: Ashgrove Remembers Service
My gratitude extends to all MSM students and Ms Simpson, Mrs Bow, Mrs Devenish-Meares, Mrs Wiseman, Ms Jordan, Ms Desially, and Mr McFadden who participated in the ANZAC Day: Ashgrove Remembers service. Guest speaker, Brigadier William Date, ADC, delivered a moving address to our students regarding the ill-fated landing of ANZAC troops on the Gallipoli Peninsula on April 25, 1915. He emphasised the significance of remembering not only the fallen during the Gallipoli campaign but also all those who have been wounded or fallen in the numerous wars and peacekeeping operations that have followed. The morning atmosphere was elevated with the beautiful rendition of “In Flanders Fields” by the combined MSM and Marist Choir. Our College and Mission Captains, Mia, Adelaide, Chiara, and Anabelle laid a wreath during the ceremony. We are very proud that more than 190 students participated in the community march and attendance of the service so they can understand this pivotal moment in our nation’s history and remember with gratitude for the peace and freedom we have today.

Year 11 Rosies Youth Outreach
Year 11 students, Meg, Sienna, Ingrid, and Emma along with Ms Valmadre, initiated participation in the Rosies Volunteer Youth Program that teaches students to understand and show compassion for those who are homeless through the provision of hospitality, and providing acceptance, a warm smile, and a hot drink. Thank you to all staff and Year 11 students who will continue this MSM community outreach over the next two terms.

P&F Social Event - Sunset Drinks
We welcomed parents to the P&F Social Event last Friday evening under a beautiful autumn evening sky. A family emailed the following:
“We just wanted to thank everyone who contributed to organising and hosting the Friday night gathering. We had a fabulous time and greatly appreciate the effort made for us all to have such a lovely evening.”
Thank you to our P&F Executive and our Development team, Danielle Ferris and Paula Ovenden and Adam Watson for IT support to ensure a successful event.

Staffing Updates
Next week, we welcome Mr David Gravino to our community as a Visual Art and Religion Teacher.

In week 4, Ms Kate Simpson, Dean of Faith and Mission, will embark on the Mary Aikenhead Ministries Pilgrimage to Ireland. An opportunity that provides a closer understanding of the life of Mary Aikenhead and of the earliest years and foundation of the Sisters of Charity in Australia.

     “May we all make our journeys and changes so as to render them so many steps towards
       the right road for the Eternal Kingdom” Mary Aikenhead.

We wish Ms Simpson a safe and faith-filled journey as she walks the path of those before and for those who will follow.

I wish you all the best for the start of Term 2.

In Faith and Love

Ros Collier


2024 P&F Fathers' Golf Day
Register now to attend the P&F Fathers’ Golf Day on Friday 24 May. The event is open to all parents, regardless of golfing ability and is a great chance to meet or reconnect with other school parents. For more information, follow the P&F Fathers' Golf Day Facebook page.

Join us for the first all Co-curricular Music groups concert for 2024, MusicFest1 on Thursday 2 May at 6pm. Headlining the sounds of country and western music, the concert titled “Three Chords and The Truth” will feature titles such as “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton’s “Nine to Five” and "Bluegrass Fiddle Frenzy" just to name a few classics. With a variety of performances by the College Choir, Middle School Choir, MSM Singers, Concert Band, Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Senior Strings and String Orchestra, there will be plenty of reasons for performers and audience members to haul out their country outfits. We hope to see lots of denim, checks, and boots and Akubra hats. Horses will need to be stabled on the Convent Lawn. Free entry - all welcome!

Sponsorship Opportunity!
Can’t attend the Golf Day? Why not consider becoming a hole sponsor and get great exposure! 

For more information or to secure your hole sponsorship, click here.

Tickets for the much anticipated MSM Mothers' Lunch will go on sale on Tuesday 9 July.

We need your help to make this event a success!
The P&F Association is grateful to the team of organisers who have been involved in coordinating this event for the mothers in our community in the past. 

The P&F Association is seeking 3-4 volunteers to assist in putting together this year's event. If you would like to be involved, please contact pandf@msm.qld.edu.au 

The MSM FOUNDATION RAFFLE is on again! This is your chance to WIN $2500 credit towards tuition fees or $1500 cash prize*.  

Tickets start from $20 and can be purchased via the link below.  Proceeds will be directed to the Light the Way Capital Campaign, assisting the College to light the way for future generations of MSM students through the enhancement of new educational facilities. Tickets are limited so the odds are on your side. Ticket sales are NOW OPEN - buy your tickets today!  

Ticket sales close Tuesday 11 June with the winner to be drawn on Wednesday 12 June at 10am AEST.  

*Terms and conditions apply  


Year 12 Retreat
Our community opened Term 2 with our second annual Year 12 Resident Retreat. Blessed with spectacular autumn weather, our Year 12 cohort and accompanying staff members enjoyed a peaceful stay at Luther Heights, Coolum. Using the metaphor of the Yellow Brick Road from the Wizard of Oz, our students reflected on their own life’s journey, giving thanks for the people and experiences that have shaped, nurtured and challenged them along the way. At a powerful candlelight liturgy, students acknowledged the role that their classmates have played during their journey and prayed for peace, strength and courage for the months ahead. 
I would like to sincerely thank Ms McLaughlin, the Year 12 Pastoral Team and the wonderful staff who attended this special Retreat experience. Thanks also goes to our seniors, who embraced the experience with openness and great maturity. We look forward to sharing in their journey towards graduation. 

ANZAC Liturgy
On Wednesday, our community gathered to mark ANZAC day with a special liturgy called “Letters from Home”. Earlier this year, the Australian War Memorial launched a campaign asking the public to assist with transcribing and digitising the thousands of pieces of wartime correspondence that passed between servicemen and women and their loved ones across the course of a century. These letters paint an intimate portrait of Australians at war. 

As part of our liturgy we heard stories of nursing sisters on the Western Front, of sweethearts separated by POW camps, words of comfort sent to mothers who had lost sons, and the words of Aboriginal officers to their loved ones. These were real Australians, ordinary people swept up in the terror of war, and their letters give us a fascinating glimpse into domestic life during war. We remember with gratitude all who have served their country, and pray for a time when there will be no need for war. 

I thank the many students and staff who had a role in our ANZAC liturgy, and especially thank Ms Townsley for coordinating a joint MSM Marist Choir for our ANZAC Commemoration events this year. Thanks also to the many MSM students who so ably represented the College at Thursday's Ashgrove ANZAC Day March and Service. 

Adult Attention to Encourage Positive Behaviours
By and large we are blessed at Mt St Michael’s College with girls who demonstrate positive behaviour most of the time. It is important to acknowledge that our young people are in formation and the opportunity to teach and encourage prosocial behaviours should not be missed. As a parent of teenagers, I am constantly reminded of the room for growth in this dimension of adolescent development and some days will always be better than others. You are not alone. As previously noted, our staff have been focusing on implementing a consistent approach to supporting and promoting positive behaviour at MSM. We are collaborating to create a community where the many admirable traits and actions of our students are acknowledged and reinforced. The starting point to enable influence is always cultivating a positive relationship built on consistency, trust, and kindness.

This week our teachers explored the importance of adult attention as a means of encouraging preferred behaviours, both non-contingent and contingent on students exhibiting those behaviours. This strategy is wonderful for creating a productive and positive learning environment, however its relevance goes well beyond the classroom and the school. Extensive longitudinal research has concluded that affecting change in human behaviour is far more successful when positive behaviour is encouraged than when poor behaviour is discouraged or corrected. The other finding of interest was that demonstrating preferred behaviours and enacting frequent warm interactions leads to a person’s willingness and ability to develop these behaviours themselves. To this end, I would invite you to follow the link below that gives practical tips for parents to promote the behaviours they wish to see their children embody, at home at school and throughout their lifetime. Much of this information will resonate with you and although it is not a guarantee for perfecting our teenagers, it is a positive place to start!
Positive attention: why children need it | Raising Children Network
Raising Children Network (Australia) Limited, (2024) Positive attention: why children need it. https://raisingchildren.net.au/babies/connecting-communicating/bonding/positive-attention

I feel privileged to be assisting the MSM community this term in the role of Dean of Teaching and Learning while Ms Crothers takes a well-earned break. During this time, I am looking forward to working closely with the teaching staff, students, and parents to ensure the continued delivery of the excellent high-quality curriculum on offer in the College. I am also excited to be working with our Curriculum Middle Leaders as we implement new initiatives that will enhance the teaching and learning experience at MSM. I hope to contribute to the ongoing growth and improvement of this wonderful community.

Parent Teacher Conferences
We will be running Parent-Teacher Conferences (Years 8, 10 & 11) on Tuesday, 7 May from 9am – 4:30pm. The conferences will be held on campus in the Sophia Centre. Parent-Teacher Conferences provide an opportunity for parents to connect with their student's teachers and gain insight into their child's academic progress, learning behaviours and overall wellbeing.

It is an essential communication platform for parents and teachers to discuss issues, share information, and develop strategies for supporting a student's success.
It is essential to approach Parent-Teacher Conferences with a positive and open mindset. Teachers have valuable insights into your student's progress as well as their approach to learning. It is important for teachers to discuss both a student's strengths, as well as areas where they may need to improve. It is vital that students remain open to constructive feedback as this will enable them to improve.
It is also important to follow up on any action items discussed during the meeting. If the teacher recommends additional resources or activities to support your student's learning, please make sure to discuss how this recommendation can be applied with your student.
Whilst we have a set time for formal interviews, parents and caregivers are encouraged to contact either homeroom teachers for pastoral matters or subject teachers for curriculum matters at any time throughout the academic year should concerns arise. For matters pertaining to what is occurring in the classroom, the subject teacher is the best person to contact in the first instance, as they are in the classrooms with students. Homeroom and subject teacher contact details are all available in Parent Lounge. Please go to Student Details > Email Class Teachers > select the teacher’s name that you want to contact.

Student Free Day – 7 May
Even though Tuesday 7 May is a student free day, students can still use this time to engage in some constructive activities for their education. Here are some suggestions:

  • Bring your student along to Parent-Teacher Conferences (Years 8, 10 & 11) to hear feedback directly from their teachers. They can then spend some time identifying the areas they need to work on. Set some specific and realistic goals for themselves and plan how they will achieve them.
  • Students can catch up on any assignments, projects, or homework that they may have missed or fallen behind on. Encourage them to use this opportunity to clarify any doubts or questions with their teachers via email or Teams.
  • Suggest reading a book, an article, or a blog post that is of interest and relates to their subjects. Remind them that they can watch a documentary, a TED talk, or one of the extensive range of educational videos available through our ClickView subscription.
  • Students can practice skills in a subject they enjoy or want to improve in, using online resources, apps, games, or quizzes to test themselves. A great option that is fun at the same time!
  • Suggest they do some revision or preview of the topics that they have learned or will learn in class. Students can use flashcards, notes, summaries, or mind maps to help them remember the key points and concepts.

These are just some examples of how students can use the student free day to enhance their learning and personal growth. Students need to be reminded that they are responsible for their own education and can make the most of it by being proactive, motivated, and curious.



During Term One the students of the CAN group Missions of St Vincent prepared Easter egg gifts and handwritten and decorated cards. These were given to residents of fellow Mary Aikenhead Ministries organisations at St Joseph’s Villa, Mitchelton and for the first time to St Vincent’s Aged Care, Carseldine. We were delighted to hear that the gifts were well-received and spread much joy over the Easter weekend. 



It was Marist College's turn to host the Term 2 game in the MSM v Marist series for 2024.  A hotly contested volleyball game resulted in Marist defeating MSM 2 sets to 1. This result draws the series at 1-1 making the Term 3 game the decider!


Year 7 and Year 8 students recently enjoyed a show called Flipside presented by Brainstorm. Highlighting the importance of personal responsibility, empathy, respect and resilience in the online world, the Flipside sparks conversations about what is humorous, toxic, private, humiliating, informative, safe or appropriate online. The performance encourages students to think critically about their online values and behaviour and provides strategies for empathy, resilience, help-seeking and positive bystander behaviour. In the performance, when bullying is used to wield power, the characters Jack and Ella realise they must create an ethical roadmap to navigate the online world. When people post words, images and videos, how will they be received? What will be the consequences? And who will speak up?


MSM Academic Captains, Bridget and Maddy, had students flex their brains when MSM Houses went head-to-head in the House Trivia Competition.  With curated questions for different year levels, mental strength was required to secure points that went towards the year-long 2024 House Spirit competition. 



After our Term 1 MSM Cross Country Carnival was once-again washed out, our competitive and spirited cross country runners warmed up to participate in the rescheduled competitor’s only event. 

Students were racing for Age Champion status, house points and to qualify for a highly contested place in our MSM Cross Country Team. 

Well done to all students who competed and those who came along to cheer on their friends and house mates. Congratulations to the students who were successful and gained selection to the MSM Cross Country team, let the fun begin! 

We look forward to contesting our legacy of being CaSSSA Cross Country Champions! 


MSM Term 2 Social Sport offerings include an Athletics Development program. It was exciting to see the large number of enthusiastic students who are undertaking the sessions, excited to learn new skills and fine tune techniques in preparation for our Inter-house Athletics Carnival to be held later this term.


In preparation for the Term 2 CaSSSA sports season our MSM Hockey Team undertook their first training session. The students will kick off their season with Round 2 on Wednesday against Mary MacKillop College. Go MSM! #MSMProud.

Year 11 student, Tully was selected as a Youth Advisor to travel to Canberra to work with the department of home affairs on Youth Civil Engagement. Her role included helping to advise and develop initiatives that engage and inform young people on: The role they play in democracy, how young people can have their voices heard, what young people's rights are in democracy, what it means to be an active community member, how they can belong in their community, how to engage in democracy in a digital age and how they can create change in their community. We are very proud of Tully who was serving alongside seven other young people, aged 16-25 from all over the country. Tully’s MSM tote bag made it to some very important meetings in parliament house! 
Congratulations to Year 9 student Laura who placed third in the National U15 Girls 2000m Steeplechase at the Australian Athletics National Championships in Adelaide. Well done Laura on your commitment and this outstanding achievement. 
Careers Newsletter
The latest Careers Newsletter is out now! 

This newsletter is designed to provide you with a snapshot of events, scholarships, study and work options, and some personal skill development ideas. Whilst aimed more towards the Senior School, some of our wonderful Year 9 students may wish to have a read as they start contemplating their futures in our fortnightly careers’ classes.

The P&F Association has been a wonderful supporter of College for many years. To keep this vital connection going, the P&F is seeking volunteers in any capacity to offer their time and share their expertise.

Ways to get involved now:

Join our Mothers' Lunch Organising Committee - Help with behind the scenes organisation or simply volunteer to help on the day of the event.

Step into the Treasurer role which involves managing simple accounts and presenting these during the four P&F Meetings held during the year. A maximum of one hour of work each month until November 2024.

Attending P&F Meetings - Only three meetings on the College calendar left this year. Come along and share your ideas about bringing our community together.

To further discuss what the Treasurer role involves or for a discussion on how else to get involved, including joining our Mothers' Lunch Organising Committee, please contact pandf@msm.qld.edu.au.

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