As we come to the end of Week 4 of Term 2, our days have been filled with many activities and events.

MSM Musicfest – Three Chords and the Truth
Congratulations to Miriam Townsley, our Co-curricular Music staff and talented students for an excellent evening of ensemble music at last week’s Music Fest. Named Three Chords and the Truth, the concert focused on the work of country and bluegrass artists, with a wonderful repertoire of classic and contemporary songs. Highlights included a stunning rendition of Landslide from the MSM Singers, a spirited crowd-participation piece The Hawk is a Mule from the Guitar Ensemble and a spectacular finale piece The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, featuring the combined talents of the Concert Band, String Orchestra and Choirs.

The co-curricular groups who performed were:

  • College Choir, directed by Mrs Donna Langford, accompanied by Mrs Kaitlin Littlewood
  • Concert Band, directed by Dr Michal Rosiak
  • Percussion Ensemble, directed by Mr Joel Woods
  • MSM Singers, directed by Mrs Donna Langford, accompanied by Mr Mitch Fairlie
  • Guitar Ensemble, directed by Mr Joel Woods
  • Senior Strings, directed by Ms Alice Buckingham
  • Middle School Choir, directed by Ms Kaitlin Littlewood, accompanied by Ms Jerica Lau
  • String Orchestra, directed by Ms Alice Buckingham

This was the final Music Fest event for our senior students, who demonstrated excellent leadership and so willingly share their gifts with our community. We thank them for their commitment to MSM Co-curricular Music and look forward to their final performances in the 2024 Spirit of the Arts Festival.

Interhouse Cross Country
Congratulations to all the Cross Country competitors and placegetters for their outstanding performance in our recent Interhouse Cross Country.  All competitors have shown remarkable commitment and spirit. Congratulations to our 2024 Age Champions:

12 Years:
🥇Eliza 🥈Faye 🥉Eloise 

13 Years:
🥇Alana 🥈Isla 🥉Mia

14 Years:
🥇Laura 🥈Harriet 🥉Milly  
15 Years:
🥇 Gabby 🥈Siana 🥉Ruby  

16 Years:
🥇Meg 🥈Makenzie 🥉Georgia M

17 Years:
🥇Imogen 🥈Maya 🥉Lauren 

🏆 2024 Champion of Champions with the fastest 3km course time of 11.37 minutes went to Laura.  

🏆 2024 Interhouse Cross Country House Champion went to AIKENHEAD 🟩 

Parent Teacher Conferences 
Parent teacher conferences are crucial for establishing a collaborative relationship, which research has shown to be beneficial for students’ academic and social development. I would like to thank all our parents and students for attending parent teacher conferences earlier this week. These conferences create a partnership that supports students' learning and well-being, towards their success.
Mother’s Day 
As Mother's Day approaches, we take this moment to honour the incredible women who nurture, teach, and strengthen our students. Their unwavering love and support shape the young minds of today into the leaders of tomorrow. To all mothers, grandmother’s and other women who take on motherly roles in our community, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and wish you a day filled with joy, love, and the cherished company of family.

A Mother’s Day Blessing

May you feel the
 Gentle Touch
of God’s Blessings
on your Heart
today and always.
Happy Mother’s Day!

In Faith and Love

Ros Collier


2024 P&F Fathers' Golf Day
Register now to attend the P&F Fathers’ Golf Day on Friday 24 May. The event is open to all parents, regardless of golfing ability and is a great chance to meet or reconnect with other school parents. For more information, follow the P&F Fathers' Golf Day Facebook page.

Dance Showcase
The annual MSM Dance Showcase will be held in the Sophia Centre on Thursday 16 May, 6pm – 7.30pm.

We invite you to join us at this fantastic evening of entertainment, showcasing the talents of our hardworking curriculum and co-curriculum dance students. Dedicated dance students, from all year levels, will be performing a range of dance works in various groups. All welcome!  We look forward to seeing you there! Gold coin donations will be accepted at the door for Project Raise the Roof.

Sponsorship Opportunity!
Can’t attend the Golf Day? Why not consider becoming a hole sponsor and get great exposure! 

For more information or to secure your hole sponsorship, click here.

Tickets for the much anticipated MSM Mothers' Lunch will go on sale on Tuesday 9 July.

We need your help to make this event a success!
The P&F Association is grateful to the team of organisers who have been involved in coordinating this event for the mothers in our community in the past. 

The P&F Association is seeking 3-4 volunteers to assist in putting together this year's event. If you would like to be involved, please contact 

Have you bought your tickets in the Foundation Raffle? 
Limited number of tickets are sold so you are in with a very good chance. Proceeds will be directed to the Light the Way Capital Campaign, assisting the College to light the way for future generations of MSM students through the enhancement of new educational facilities.   *Terms and conditions apply  


Year 12 Charity Ball
Each year our senior students are blessed with the opportunity to celebrate their foray into adulthood and also contribute to the worthy cause of the Downs and West Community Support. Mt St Michael’s students are asked to both enjoy and recognise their privilege by making a donation as a gesture of compassion and gratitude for their participation in this auspicious occasion.

Sr Christine, a Sister of Charity has worked tirelessly for over ten years to support families in need across the Darling Downs and in Central and Western Queensland and this year the College will present her with $2500 for this cause. The call to give and give generously is intrinsic to our mission and an essential aspect of the formation of Mt St Michael’s students and always deeply appreciated.

The evening was one of beauty, both our students and their partners presented themselves with glamour and style. On the whole, guests behaved in a dignified and respectful manner, all the while revelling in the excitement of such an event. It was with immense pride that our staff received feedback from the venue that our group were exceptional in every regard throughout the function and would be welcomed back in a heartbeat.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Ms Emily McLaughlin, our Year 12 Pastoral Leader for the organisation and planning of this wonderful milestone event. I am also incredibly grateful to the staff who gave up their Saturday night to support our students, all of whom did so graciously in true MSM spirit.

As we approach the halfway point of the term this week, students need to be continually referencing their assessment calendars to ensure they are adequately preparing for their upcoming assessment. Students are also encouraged to reflect upon progressive reporting comments and feedback provided on completed assessment items to apply on their next task. 
At Mt St Michael’s College, we provide ongoing continuous reporting on assessment as it is marked. These reports are available to both students and parents, and I encourage parents to review them with your daughter. These reports provide valuable feedback on academic performance, highlighting their strengths and areas for growth and improvement. It is important to celebrate your student's achievements and have open conversations with them about their goals for the tasks ahead.

Parent Lounge – Progressive Reporting Hot Tip
An all-in-one progressive report is available in parent lounge that includes marks and comments for all completed tasks. This can be produced throughout the year as more assessments are completed and returned.
To access this report:
Go to the “Student Details”->”Curricular Activities” menu:
Press the “PRINT” button (Important Note: This won’t actually print at this point, but will generate a PDF document that has all of the material on the single report).
Mt St Michael’s College is now working with UNIQ You, a virtual platform that connects female students in Years 9 - 12 with women in industries that females often do not look to for careers. The platform uses 30-minute video calls to connect the students with female advisors, either before school, at lunchtime, or after school. This one-on-one service is at no cost to families.
All students in Year 9 – 12 are encouraged to register to be able to use the platform. Parents need to approve the registration to ensure that their student is able to speak to their preferred advisor/s. To register, please use the following link:
Attached is an information sheet about how to book an appointment with an advisor. Should a student wish to speak to someone who specifically identifies as diverse (ATSI, VET, LGBQTIA+), please encourage them to meet with Ms Webb so she can direct them to an appropriate advisor.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Webb on

Year 12 – QTAC and Post Schooling Information
On Tuesday, 30 April, an information evening was conducted for Year 12 students and their parents and caregivers, to outline the processes around QTAC, ATAR, Rank and Post-Schooling options as students consider their next phase after school. One-on-one post-schooling interviews are now being scheduled with each student meeting with Anna Webb (Program Leader – Career Pathways). These interviews will occur through Term 2 and Term 3 and will assist students to further understand the QTAC processes and how to use their ATAR or rank to access courses and preferences.



This semester, in the Design Technology course, Year 8 students are working on creating a sustainable chicken coop for their own backyard. Throughout this project, students utilise their understanding of design principles and sustainability ideas. They research different materials, assess their appropriateness, and carefully choose how to design a practical and eco-conscious coop for keeping chickens. The curriculum delves into fundamental engineering concepts like heat energy movement and the influence of technology on enhancing design solutions. 

After researching remarkable engineering feats students constructed models of the Eiffel Tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows to further understand the complexities of support in engineering. 


Four Year 11 students spent the evening sharing conversation and enjoying the stories and a bite to eat with Rosies patrons. Our students were incredibly helpful and supportive of the Rosies team and said that they would love to continue in this outreach activity in the future.


In preparation for their final Hospitality Assessment, Year 12 students had the opportunity to enjoy a delightful high tea at the French Patisserie in Toowong. Featuring an extensive selection of delectable treats, students were able to immerse themselves in the offerings, typically provided by the industry to its customers. This experience not only provided them with a taste of the culinary world but also equipped them with valuable knowledge to make informed food selections. Such insights will prove invaluable as they prepare to trial suitable foods and organize their own high tea events, ensuring a successful and enjoyable experience for all involved. 


Thank you to Marist College Ashgrove for hosting our second annual MSM Marist Environment Group gathering this week. Our Environment Groups enjoyed the opportunity to meet and discuss the many wonderful green initiatives shared between our Colleges. Following a joint meeting, students enjoyed a BBQ dinner and outdoor movie experience. 


On the recent Student Free Day, students in Years 7 to 11 participated in a training day on campus in preparation for the da Vinci Decathlon to be held on 22 and 23 May. They walked in Leonardo da Vinci’s footsteps, exercising their higher order thinking skills whilst working on a range of interconnected tasks across 10 disciplines: engineering, mathematics, code breaking, art and poetry, science, English, ideation, creative producers, cartography and legacy.


Our Year 7 and Year 11 House Sisters put their plane making skills to the test as they battled it out to see whose plane could travel the longest distance. There was much fun and innovation, but ultimately there could be only one team crowned “Paper Plane Champions”. Congratulations to Grantuly House's team Milly M (Year 7) and Ellen F (Year 11)! 


MSM is proud to have numerous students from Years 7-11 comprise teams who have participated in Rounds 1 and 2 of the Queensland Debating Union season. At our recent College Assembly, MSM Debating Captains, Eloise and Ella provided an update on the start to the season and said this of our MSM debaters, “Every one of these students takes on challenging topics with grace, prepares speeches alongside their coaches and teammates and attends training on top of their student workload, and some even step up to compete in older divisions when we’re down on numbers. It takes a lot of skill, dedication and confidence to do what these students do, and we’re so proud of all who do”. 

Round 2, saw success from teams in Years 7, 9 and 10 and the College proudly hosted both rounds of Year 7 Debating with over 20 teams of Year 7 students visiting the College each round. 


Year 8 French students have been studying the vocabulary of animals, colours and other common adjectives this term so it was a perfect opportunity for them to see if they could understand the wonderful French children’s book collection in the MSM library. Bonne lecture à toutes! 

Learning through authentic environments in Physical Education 

As we approach our centenary year, our Year 10 Physical Education students are reflecting on what a Mt St Michael's student experience would have been in 1925. Historically, Physical Education programs were designed for the building of strong men, with the purpose of military readiness. A female student's exposure to Physical Education either did not exist at this time or involved delicate activities such as calisthenics and light gymnastics. 

Fast forward 99 years and we now see girls across Queensland participating in curriculum and co-curriculular physical activities. Furthermore, we are seeing this increase in girls’ participation at the Olympics. For the first time at the Olympics, the 2024 Paris Games will have an equal number of men and women athletes, and an equal number of events (opportunities to win a medal) for both men and women. Interestingly, there will be two sports that are for women only, Artistic Swimming and Rhythmic Gymnastics.

This term, we are using one of these sports, Rhythmic Gymnastics, to deepen our understanding of the history of women in sport; how far we have come, but importantly, how far we have to go. With the purchase of new Rhythmic Gymnastics mats, Year 10 Physical Education students are now able to develop their skills in an authentic environment. Much has changed since 1925! 


Over two glorious autumn days, our Year 8 Humanities students embarked on their much-anticipated annual field trip to Bunyaville Conservation Park. Immersed in the natural beauty of the park, they diligently gathered essential information about the various challenges it faces. From invasive weeds to feral animals and the footprint of human activities, the students explored how these factors threaten the delicate balance of the ecosystem and the survival of native wildlife. Armed with their findings, they are now set to channel their creativity into constructing an informative YouTube video for their project assessment, aiming to raise awareness and inspire conservation efforts. 



Drama students from Years 9-12 attended the theatre and saw the production ‘Woman in Black” superbly acted by John Waters and Daniel Macpherson. This gothic thriller, produced and performed in the West End for three decades is in Australia for a very short time and our Drama department was able to secure tickets. To say the students were rivetted by the production is an understatement. It will stay with them as one of the most brilliant pieces of theatre they have seen for a very long time.


Artists have been inspired by the forces of nature since the beginning of mankind’s existence. Art involving nature has been created to display the beauty of the natural world around us, to make scientific observations in an environment, or to open our minds to philosophical ideas about our own connection to nature and beyond. As a response to the theme Forces of Nature, Year 9 Art students have created an A5 Lino Print with a variety of mixed-media experimentations. 



Rugby 7’s at MSM is booming with over 55 girls registered for our upcoming competitive season. During Term 2 the focus is on training and learning Rugby 7s techniques such as rucking in a safe environment. Students perfected their line out, led by our head coach Brendan. 


Last Friday our MSM Cross Country team participated in the first of the CaSSSA lead up meets at Anzac Park in Toowong (hosted by Stuartholme). The CaSSSA lead up meets are time trial events in a competitive race environment, the perfect opportunity for our team to practice racing and building their fitness in preparation for the CaSSSA Cup Carnival.  Our team has been training hard so far this season and we are #MSMProud of their incredible efforts! Best of luck to our runners who will participate in the second lead up meet later this afternoon. 

Congratulations to MSM Year 8 student, Zoe S on her success at the National Swimming Championships held at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre. Zoe came 15th in the 200 Butterfly and 38th in the 100 Butterfly in Australia. Well done to Zoe and the other MSM students, including Year 10 students Abby W and Mackenzie S, who successfully competed at this national event. Your hard work, dedication and commitment to your sport is to be commended!


MSM Year 11 students had the pleasure of hearing from accomplished Alumni, Grace Egan (Class of 2015) and Hannah Ashford (Class of 2007) during their Career Information Session. Grace, a Physical and Financial Trader at Shell Global shared her experience in her trading career and emphasised the incredible opportunities available for young women in STEM as a vital importance of women’s representation in the transformative finance sector.  

 Hannah, who works in International Law & Space Diplomacy shared her career journey to where she is today as a non-profit director and lawyer working to promote the cooperative potentials and positive uses of space technologies for life on Earth. Hannah enlightened students on her role where she interfaces with the major space agencies, companies and initiatives of the world, including NASA, and provides recommendations to various forums including the United Nations. She spoke about the importance of problem-solving and advocacy skills as well as the need to be curious to succeed.  

 Both Grace and Hannah had fantastic messages for our Year 11 students, and we thank them for taking time out of their busy schedules to share their career journeys and valuable advice. 

Careers Newsletter
The latest Careers Newsletter is out now! 

This newsletter is designed to provide you with a snapshot of events, scholarships, study and work options, and some personal skill development ideas. Whilst aimed more towards the Senior School, some of our wonderful Year 9 students may wish to have a read as they start contemplating their futures in our fortnightly careers’ classes.

The P&F Association has been a wonderful supporter of College for many years. To keep this vital connection going, the P&F is seeking volunteers in any capacity to offer their time and share their expertise.

Ways to get involved now:

Join our Mothers' Lunch Organising Committee - Help with behind the scenes organisation or simply volunteer to help on the day of the event.

Step into the Treasurer role which involves managing simple accounts and presenting these during the four P&F Meetings held during the year. A maximum of one hour of work each month until November 2024.

Attending P&F Meetings - Only three meetings on the College calendar left this year. Come along and share your ideas about bringing our community together.

To further discuss what the Treasurer role involves or for a discussion on how else to get involved, including joining our Mothers' Lunch Organising Committee, please contact

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